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  • Friendly reminder that students should be backing up important work to their Google Drive account. Please either allow time for them do to it in the last 3 minutes of class, when working on a multi-day project, or remind them aloud to do this on their own time. If you get blank stares, you may want to have one student mirror on Apple TV and show the rest of the class how to put work in Google Drive. If you don't have one student who can do that, I am happy to show your class how to do so.

  • Teachers, if you have backed up your teacher iPad to your iCloud account (as described last week), it's time to transfer over your files and receive your new device! If you are comfortable leaving your Apple ID password with the Tech Team, please drop off your teacher iPad and complete a slip found on the date below. Your iPad will be ready to be picked up the following morning.

    5th grade teachers: Thursday, Oct 15

    6th grade teachers: Friday, Oct 16

    8th grade teachers: Monday, Oct 19

    7th grade teachers: Wednesday, Oct 21

If you don't feel comfortable sharing your password, please email to schedule an alternate day and time that you may be present in Room 114 to manually transfer your files.

  • Finally, if you run across any students that are having trouble sending email from their Gaggle account, please send them to 113 during the first half of lunch for Bill or Lindsay to fix it.
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Wow! Did you know this was happening in District 90?

Did you know?

  • We have a Parent Tech Tips resource hub on our Roosevelt website under the "Parent Resources" tab. If you have parents that are asking general tech related questions, please direct them to that space for answers. Alternately, you can also forward specific technical question to Lindsay for help responding.

Did you know?

  • Laurie Hendrickson is attending the ICE Cold Mini Conference this Saturday morning in Clarendon Hills. Topics include: creating a flexible classroom, accessibility and UDL, and makerspaces. Consider joining Laurie!
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Tech in the News: Compulsive Texting

A recent NYTimes article titled Compulsive Texting Takes Tolls on Teenagers explored excessive texting and internet use and how it affected children in 8th and 11th grade. Healthy tech use includes healthy boundaries! Although we don't use cell phones during school hours, there are still good takeaways: encourage your students to finish their homework at a reasonable time and sleep in tech free spaces!