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Info You Need to Know, January 2022

Welcome to 2022!

We've started a new year and I hope that everyone enjoyed their Holiday and the Winter Break. With the turn of the new year, we were treated to a lovely snow fall and some brisk temperatures, a drastic change from the warm days of late December.

Some things to remember for the month of January:

  • January 11th: Afterschool Remediation resumes

  • January 12th: County Spelling Bee (Snow Date January 19th)

  • January 12th: Second Quarter Report Cards go home

  • January 17th: MLK Day/No School

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the school at (434) 542-5570 or myself using the contact methods below.

I hope everyone has fantastic New Year!

-D. Richardson

A Note About COVID...

From the CCPS Website:

Due to continuing concerns with COVID 19 spreading so rapidly in our county, Charlotte County Public School staff may ask that you keep your child home for a longer period of time than usual. If your child has a fever, cough, cold symptoms or any symptoms that can be related to the COVID 19 virus, we may ask that you keep your child home for 10 days or more, depending on symptoms. If at the end of 10 days your child still has symptoms, you must continue to keep your child home until he/she is symptom-free for 3 days/72 hours (that’s symptom-free without the help of medications).

If you feel your child’s symptoms are related to allergies or some other alternative diagnosis, you should have your child evaluated by their medical doctor. If the medical doctor can attribute your child’s symptoms to an alternative diagnosis or if your child has a negative Covid-19 test, your child’s time out of school could be lessened with written documentation of this diagnosis. Even with an alternative diagnosis or negative Covid-19 test, your child must be symptom-free (no fever, no cough, etc., without the help of medication) for 3 days/72 hours, BEFORE returning to school. Please do not hesitate to call your school nurse for questions or concerns.

Thank you for helping us slow the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by following this protocol.

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