Smore - Some More Help

Use these directions to help you get started making a flyer!

Smore is a cool tool that can be used to create online flyers, posters, and newsletters so you can quickly spread the word. They are easy to make and look professionally made, even if you don't think you are creative. You can then share it through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Even send it by email to a certain group or person.

Quick steps to get started:

1. Go to Smore and create an's FREE

2. Once logged in, click 'Start a new flyer
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3. Choose a template.

4. Create a that people will want to read more about!
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Note: You can return at any time, after entering a title, to edit the template. It is located on the right side of your flyer. This is also where you can choose different designs, fonts, backgrounds, and colors.

5. Get creative and create the body of your flyer. This is where you add text, pictures, videos, maps (pics), links, and more. Sections will already be part of your flyer, depending on which template you chose. You edit one section at a time, so click the 'edit' button in the upper right to make changes, then click 'Done' in the bottom right of that section when finished. You can go back in to ANY section and make changes at ANY time, even if you already shared your flyer with others. You can opt not to have a title, but must add a space (or some character) so their default title disappears. See #5 circled title that does not belong.

Note: There are little arrows at the left/right of a sections to toggle through different layouts of that section. There is a + sign at the bottom of a section to allow you to add a new section below it. See #6 below.

6. To find more section options, look at the bottom of your flyer.

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7. After you have reviewed your flyer and made needed changes, click the 'Done Editing' button at the right. If you return to the flyer and make more changes, be sure to click 'Update Page' (where the 'Done Editing' button was once located) then too.

It's also a good idea to use the 'Save Now' button along the way although it automatically does some saves for you.

8. You can then edit how the flyer is seen, along with some other settings, by clicking 'Flyer Settings' at the right. There are 3 main levels:

Private - not publicly listed or searchable
Public - viewable by others and searchable by search engines
Super - public and optimized to get more views

9. Share your flyer with others

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10. Once your flyer has had 30 views, you can then view the Analytics on it, like how many people have viewed it, how long they looked at it, which social media sources provided the best response, and more.

More to do with your Smore: