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Welcome to the WIlliams Family

Ms. Patsy Kirkpatrick is the new Cafeteria Manager here at Williams Elementary. Ms. Kirkpatrick comes to us with a wealth of experience. She worked at Carter for 10 years, Bowie for 3 years, Seguin for 1 year and worked 9 years in Colorado.

"I've always been a secondary manager," Ms. Kirkparick said. "This is my first time to work at an elementary school." She is so glad to be working with our smaller patrons. "I just love to see the little teenies when they come through the line," she said of the Kindergarten students.

Ms. Kirkpatrick lives near the school and is glad to have an opportunity to serve her own community. She also has two extra perks to her job. Her grand daughters, Ashley (2nd grade) and Jade (6th grade) Champion both attend Williams.

Ms. Kirkpatrick mentioned that everyone has made her feel so welcome, especially Mrs. Bounds, the assistant principal.

Welcome to the Wrangler Family!!!

Vinh Lee, Food Critic for a Day

Vinh is a 4th grade student in Ms. Kempken's class. Today Vinh chose the fish nuggets over the equally popular chicken tenders. Vinh's lunch also consisted of carrots, a whole wheat roll, and chocolate milk. Vinh decided to skip the whole fruit thing today. He wasn't feeling very "fruity".

Vinh really likes the fish nuggets, especially dipped in BBQ sauce. Vinh likes the school's fish nuggets because they don't have bones in them. He also likes the batter that they are dipped in.

Vihn tells us his mother is a great cook! Their family eats fish at home sometimes, too. She is especially good with the Vietnamese recipes. When she makes fish at home, she broils it with the tail on it and serves it with a tasty sauce.

Thank you Vinh Lee for your perspective on lunch at he Wrangler Cafe.

Family Style Lunch

The Talavera family brought a little sunshine to their 5th grade daughter, Sol, today as they joined her for lunch and some quality family time.

Williams welcomes parents and extended family members to join their student(s) for lunch on non-testing days. We have specially designated tables around the outer edge of the cafeteria just for family style lunches.

Please remember to sign in at the front office before you proceed to the cafeteria. Also, please remember that other students are not permitted to join you without written permission from his/her parent(s).

The Wrangler Cafe is Full of Wonderful People

Joseph Machado, Junior Journalist

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