This Is Me

Yolanda Morales

Hope you Enjoy!

This is me weather you like it or not. You cant make a person change.


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The Pursuit of Happiness Motivational Speech.

If you have a dream don't let anybody stop you from doing what you like best. You have a dream follow it don't let mean comments stop you from doing what you want. Why I don't and wont give up.
Motivational Speech from Pursuit of Happiness

All about me myself and I

My favorite color is blue. I'm 12 years old. I love to play soccer. I like to inspire people and make them not want to quit. My favorite soccer team is brazil although they are not really good this past year. I have dreams of being on that field some day. I have brown eyes and hair. I wear glasses.

Family members.

My mom has 5 girls and one boy.

The oldest is my sister Ivon (18) then Pancho (15) then Kaesi (13) later then me, Yolanda (12) then Kristy (9) later the smallest one with 7 months Ruby.

We are family_ice age 4 (subtitulado)