Component 2C - 2/12

Canva, Creativity, and Managing Classroom procedures


  • Last day of #pretpln challenge!
  • CC me on your emails to co-ops please OR forward them to me please!
  • Grades will be updated by Monday!
  • Teacher eval on my gcc - it is voluntary/anonymous


  • God & Growth
  • Component 2C review
  • Canva Creation / Practice
  • Exit Tweet

God and Growth

  • Using tech is all about getting those creative juices flowing!
  • Creativity is a gift and talent from God!
  • “And He has filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding and in knowledge and in all craftsmanship” (Exodus 35:31).

Component 2C review with Quizizz

  • Join Quizizz
  • Type in the 5 digit code
  • Type in your guild name
  • Remember the faster and correct responses get the most points!
  • Winning team gets 15 dojo points!

To the rubric!

  • Due 2/22
  • Out of 35 pts
  • Tool Description (10 pts) - What is Canva?, How did you create the digital poster with it (what steps did you go through to create with it?), Canva image is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, What did you create with Canva?
  • Artifact description (10 pts) - Spelling and grammar are correct, How does it fit into Danielson framework of teaching?, How does it fit into the component you identified?. Tie this into your portfolio, make direct connections into why it fits - link it to a specific element and describe it.
  • Artifact reflection (10 pts) - Spelling and grammar are correct. Select 3 questions to answer for your reflection, try to choose three different questions to respond to:
    1. What would you do differently?
    2. What did you enjoy about creating the artifact?
    3. How does this tool support pedagogy?
    4. How does this experience relate to ISTE NETS?
    5. How does this experience relate to Growth Mindset?
    6. How does this experience relate to SAMR model?
    7. How can you use this tool in your future classroom?
    8. How does the learning from this component and tech tool tie in to your learning in Ed Psych, Foundations of Teaching, or other education course?
  • Insert image (5 pts) - Insert the image that you created using canva into your digital portfolio. The picture is inserted correctly

Exit Tweet

Tweet out your response to 1 prompt:

  • Tweet out a pic of your canva creation so far!
  • What can you create with Canva for your future classroom?
  • How did you practice growth mindset this week? or this class?
  • What is one takeaway from class?