A Stolen Life

Jaycee Dugard (a memoir)

Jaycee's Story

Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped at age 11 by a man named Phillip Garrido & his wife Nancy. She spent 18 years of her life held in the backyard of the Garrido's house where she was Phillip's "sex slave" as Jaycee said. She was raped by Phillip not long after she was captured and put in a shed in his backyard. His wife Nancy knew about this whole situation and she didn't do anything about it to help Jaycee. Jaycee ended up having 2 daughters of hers and Phillip's. She couldn't escape because he moved her back and fourth between the two sheds and locked the doors so she couldnt get out. Once she had the first daughter she was able to go out in the backyard and play with her daughter under the supervision of either Nancy or Phillip but until then she wasnt allowed outside. Jaycee Dugard wasn't even allowed to say her own name for the 18 years she was kept with the Garrido's.

Nancy & Phillip Garrido (above)

More about the story

In the story Jaycee talks about how she hated when Phillip would go on "runs" because that's when her life was the worst because he would rape her while he was on cocaine and she said that it would last longer than normal because he wasn't paying attention to anything else. Jaycee sometimes wondered is Nancy really hated her for being Phillips new interest, but Nancy was the one that brought her food and took better care of her. In the shed she was kept in all Phillip left her was a bucket to go to the bathroom in. The Garrido's got Jaycee a couple cats but Phillip got annoyed of them and got rid of them.

One of the things Jaycee said in the book was "I decided to write this book for two reasons. One reason is that Phillip Garrido believes no one should find out what he did to an 11-year-old girl. ... I believe I shouldn't be ashamed for what happened to me, and I want Phillip Garrido to know that I no longer have to keep his secret. I'm also writing my story in the hopes that it will be of help to someone going through, hopefully not similar conditions, but facing a difficult situation of their own -- whatever it may be."
that was probably one of my favorite things that Jaycee said in the whole book just because she feels like people should know what happened to her for 18 years and how wrong everything was and how she doesn't feel like she needs to keep it a secret anymore.
this is where Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy held Jaycee for 18 years, in their backyard.