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Freedom Park Newsletter 06 October 2019

Volunteer Training - Wednesday, October 9th @ 9:00am

Please see the front office or PTA for details.
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Parent Teacher Conference Tips

Remember, there is no need to be nervous. A request for a conference does not mean your child is having trouble. However, if there are concerns, remember the teacher is a valuable resource who is on your child's team. She/He wants to see your child do well. Let's work together to make this a successful year for all students. Below are some helpful hints to prepare for conferences.

Looking for affordable instrument rentals?

Does your student play in the school's band? Are you looking for an affordable place to rent an instrument? The following is an alternative: https://www.musicarts.com/rentals/evans--ga/homeschool/?zipcode=30809&studentgrade=8&radius=10&aid=&eid=&sid=#!/

It's Thursday afternoon. Where is my child's teacher?

Please be reminded, most after school meetings for teachers (ie: faculty, leadership team, etc.) occur on Thursday afternoons. Teachers may not be available after school on these days.

Join PTA

You belong in PTA! And we need you.

For less than 3 cents a day, you can become a PTA member, joining more than 4 million other people who share your interest in issues affecting children. The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is it helps your student and our school community. Visit the PTA store for more information.

Tardy Policy

Did you know picking your student up early from school is considered a tardy? When students are picked up early, they miss out on valuable learning (even at the end of the school day). In addition, calling into a classroom at the end of the day to dismiss your student also disrupts the learning of every student in that class. Let's protect the learning environment. Please try to schedule all appoints after 3:00pm so that student are provided the opportunity to learn without disruption.

Arrival Procedures and Tips

Arrival Procedures

Arrival Time:

Please do not drop students off before 6:50 am.

Arrival - Car Line

Arrival - Car line

Please pull as far up to the end as possible. This helps to alleviate congestion and keeps cars off the street.

Arrival - Parking and Walk Ups

Arrival - Parking and Walk Ups

If you are not going to use the car line, you must park in a designated parking spot and walk your students to the front door. Please do not stop behind other cars and let your children run across the street. Please do not enter the bus lane.

Dismissal Procedures and Tips

Doors Locked @ 2:15 pm

The front door is locked at 2:15 pm each day throughout the school year. We will not open the door until after dismissal has begun and students are safely in their designated area for dismissal. We also will not call students for dismissal after this time. We do this for several reasons:

Student Movement

All students are moving around the building to their dismissal locations at this time. We do not want people standing in the hallways, walking the hallways, or grabbing students out of line. This is an unsafe practice.

Classroom Interruptions

Constantly calling rooms for dismissal so that individuals can “beat the lines” interrupts the last minutes of instruction and confuses our students. It is also hard for students to hear all calls due to the movement in the building.

Poor Attendance

Checking students out early results in a tardy even if it is a few minutes before dismissal. Three tardies result in an absents. Please help us to keep a great attendance record.

Hassle Free Dismissal

Hassle Free Dismissal Tips

The following are tips to make your dismissal experience pleasant.

Dismissal by Surname

  • If your last name begins with A-L please arrive at 2:25 for the car line or walk-ups and wait patiently in your car or at the entry to the gym. Students will be released promptly at 4 pm. All students from A-L should be gone before 4:08 and the parking lot will be clearer and have available parking for the next group.
  • If your last name begins with M-Z please arrive at 2:35. The lines will be much shorter and you will have less time to wait in your car or outside.

Again, if you are not using the car line, you must park in a designated parking spot. Do not create one. Do not park in any area with a yellow curb these are the bus loading zones. You must walk to the gym. Do not leave other children or pets in your vehicle.