Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online class platform that allows you to interact with your students - managing assignments and resources, posting announcements and even holding class discussions online. Check out the video below for a super quick overview of what Classroom has to offer. Click the icon to start your class.

How can Google Classroom Transform my Classroom!?


Click on the image below to gain access to the Getting Started with Google Classroom slide deck. Included is login information for your students (for Google Classroom and Chromebooks if you have them) along with directions to help you reset students' passwords if needed.

Make your own copy of the slides by hitting the copy button that shows up. You'll find everything you need to get your students logged in.

NOTE: You can keep this Smore tab open for reference along with Google Classroom.

Find a buddy and partner up so you can learn together :)

How to Create an Assignment and Add a Topic in Google Classroom
Here is a Playlist of videos (each one is under 5 minutes) to help you get started with Google Classroom. Keep in mind, our district has set up rostering so you will not have to create classes or add students. They're already there! You can rename your classes if it makes things easier for you.

Click the video above to get started or click here.

Help Guide for Students

Click here to download a quick guide for students. Add it to your Stream or create a Materials Topic in the Classwork tab.

When You're Ready for More!

Big picture
Google Drawings Wintertime Magnetic Poetry

This is a great way to have students learn about using Google Classroom. You can add this as an assignment for students with the Make Copies for Each Student option. Can't wait to see what they create! Don't forget to share!

Need Integration Assistance?

Need help integrating a digital resource into your class activities? Want to co-teach a lesson? Want to set up one-on-one training? Simply have questions on how to best implement a technology resource? In your request, try to be specific with what your needs are. Say something like "I would like training with/in..." or "I'm planning out a lesson and need to bounce an idea off you about..."

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