Superintendent's Update

May 25, 2023

Community Members:

Graduation season is upon us. Every year it is such a special experience to attend these events and just take in the feelings of both celebration and anticipation as one chapter closes and a new one begins for the graduates.

It was a special honor to attend the North East High School senior awards ceremony on Wednesday evening during which Mr. Paul Mullins was honored with the Lifetime Education Advocacy Award. While Mr. Mullins did not have the opportunity to attend high school, he has spent his life as a community servant and an advocate for the importance of education. Mr. Mullins is an amazing role model in his values of service, family, and education. I think we all have something to learn from Mr. Mullins.

Please take a few minutes to read the remarks that Mr. Dollenger, principal at North East High School, made at the awards ceremony yesterday evening.


Jeffrey A. Lawson, Ed.D.

Superintendent of School

*Photo by Sam Dixon, Cecil Sports Weekly

Remarks by Mr. David Dolleger, Principal, North East High School

Senior Awards Ceremony

May 24, 2023

Born and raised in rural Virginia near the West Virginia line, Mr. Mullins earned an eighth grade education in a one room schoolhouse to which he walked and lit the stove each morning. But when it came time for high school, there was no bus service to travel the miles down the mountains.

Instead of prospects of entering freshman orientation, Paul Mullins was left with the prospects of logging or entering the coal mines. As a young man, he relocated to our area in hopes of better opportunities which he found working for General Motors. Eventually, he and his bride from Grundy, Nellie Smith, settled in his current house in what is now part of our feeder district. He volunteered with the Elkton Police Department and the Cecil County Sherriff's Office, taking advantage of every chance to receive education, training, and certifications he was able. He eventually became a Cecil County Sheriff's Deputy where he served until retiring on disability in 1993. During those years, Deputy Mullins served in various areas of our county and served as treasurer and president at times of logical fraternal order of police.

In his time here, he has not only served his community working as a police officer, but also running a small business, raising children and grandchildren, and mentoring family and friends. He has been always quick to remind anyone of the value of an education, saying that once you have it, an education can never be taken away.

His children and grandchildren have taken his advice. They are proud graduates of our county schools, have earned advanced degrees, and have in turn served this country as teachers and educators. And yet, his family tells me he has often spoken of regretting not finishing his education, and so urged his family to continue theirs. I ask us all to heed Mr. Paul Mullins’ advice: An education is important and we should all take advantage of it at every opportunity.

I also ask us all, our graduates, staff, and community alike to also look to him as an example for us all. For although education is important, the degrees that may or may not hang on our wall do not define us. For the best education we can give our children, is the example of a life


It is with humility and great appreciation that I would Present to Mr. Paul Mullins an award for LIFETIME EDUCATION ADVOCACY AWARD as testimonial of his exemplary support of education.

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Upcoming Events

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, May 26- Unused Inclement Weather Make-Up Day

Schools closed for students and 10-month staff

Monday, May 29- Schools & Offices Closed

End of School Year

June 9 & 12- Early dismissal for secondary schools

Middle & High Schools will dismiss at 12:00 p.m.*

*Elkton Middle will dismiss at 12:10 p.m.

Elementary Schools will follow their normal schedule.

June 13- Last student day- early dismissal for all students

Middle & High Schools will dismiss at 12:00 p.m.*

*Elkton Middle will dismiss at 12:10 p.m.

Elementary Schools will dismiss at 1:30p.m.

Date Change for Board of Education Meeting

The date of the next Board of Education meeting has been rescheduled to June 21 with the public session beginning at 5:30PM.

NEMS/NEHS Construction Project Update Meeting

On Wednesday, CCPS and project architects presented a community update on the progress of the new North East Middle School/North East High School construction project. The meeting was livestreamed and the video from the presentation can be found HERE.

CHMS Students Create Pens in Woodturning Lesson

First State Woodturners treated students to a special lesson this week on woodturning at Cherry Hill Middle School. The students in Mr. Carver's class were each given the opportunity to create their own handmade pen.
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