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October 22, 2020 Home and School Connection

October 29th is our first early dismissal at 1:00PM- no lunch will be served

From Mrs. LeTourneau....

We made it 8 weeks. As you are aware, we had our first positive COVID-19 case. All school families were made aware of this tough situation through an email that was sent on Saturday, October 17, 2020. To date, there has been no evidence that the virus has spread. We will continue the extensive cleaning that has been completed daily, including cleaning high touch common areas often as well as classrooms. We continue to remind our staff and students to continue the protocols set in August of wearing a solid color mask, staying socially distant, and maintaining good hygiene.

It is very clear on the news that the virus is making the come back that we expected. Knowing this, I need you to remain vigilant on your end and to maintain communication with our school so that we can maintain in person learning.

If anyone in your home is having COVID like symptoms, your student(s) should stay home. Please report the absence and you will receive guidance on what to look for and when you student(s) can return to school. Never send your child to school after giving any kind of medication to camouflage symptoms. If anyone in your home has been found to be a close contact to someone who has tested positive, inform the school immediately and keep your child home. We will provide you with direction to move forward.

It is important that if you choose to be tested, you test wisely. We have found that many people may test too early. This would provide a false negative report. We also are finding it more common that rapid tests (test that you get the result usually the same day) are not always accurate. It is best to wait at least 5-9 days after the exposure to the positive person to test. The best test to have is called a PCR.

I am constantly asked if I think we will go back remote. If we stick to our plan and everyone is responsible fo doing their part, we can continue in person learning. Let's do this together!

Halloween at Divine Providence!

We will continue to celebrate Halloween this year, although it will look a little different! Students will wear their costume to school all day. No volunteers will be allowed in the school.

Students may be in costume, with the following regulations:

1. Solid color face masks are to be worn as usual- halloween themed face masks are acceptable.

2. They may wear a costume mask OVER their regular mask in the afternoon

3. Must be able to sit in their costume all day

4. Students must be able to use the bathroom - on their own- all day

5. No weapons or anything that can hurt another person

6. May wear makeup as part of their costume to school but may not reapply make up at school

During the day we will have "DEAD" time!

DEAD time

D drop

E everything

A and


Students will hear Halloween music throughout the day for everyone to stop what they are doing and DANCE!

We will have the parade in the afternoon We will stay with groups on opposite sides of the building. Parade will begin at 12:45. Students will KEEP MASKS ON and maintain social distancing. 8th grade will judge the parade. **Per the Archdiocese, parents are not allowed to view the parade. The only exception is if parents park on the street on Mayfair and stay in their cars.

If the weather is bad, the parade will be canceled. Each classroom teacher has planned an afternoon of activities for our students.

Communication to families about Protocols

From Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent, Office of Catholic Schools

Nominate a school hero!

We love our Catholic school employees. Teachers, principals and staff have worked tirelessly over the summer and this school year to bring quality in-person and remote learning to families during this unprecedented time.

To recognize the fantastic work our Catholic schools are doing, the Office of Catholic Schools is excited to announce the #SchoolHero program that will highlight the educators and staff who have gone above to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.

To complete this nomination form, you will need your nominee’s name, name of the school, professional title (if a teacher, the grade they teach) and why you’re nominating them for the #SuperHero program.

Please fill out the nomination here. We are seeking nominations from within our Catholic school communities - families, students, parishioners, alumni and school staff.

Nominate your #SchoolHero. We are very thankful for your participation in recognizing that our Catholic schools' employees are heroes.

Gym day change for grades 1-8

We have made a few changes to our schedules. The following grades will have gym on the TWO days listed. They may only be in their gym uniform on these TWO days. Students will no longer be in gym uniforms three days a week. Only the days listed below.

1st Grade MONDAY and TUESDAY


3rd Grade MONDAY and TUESDAY


5th Grade MONDAY and TUESDAY


7th Grade MONDAY and TUESDAY


Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten will continue to have P.E. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

FSA Raffle - last week for tickets!

Exciting News! The Split-the-Pot winnings can be used for either a tuition credit or a cash option! Please send in your ticket orders in to school next week to enter for a chance to win! We will be providing an update next week on how close we are to our goal! Stay tuned. Thank you for your support!
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Travel Guidance

Per Archdiocese protocol, we ask that you check states that require a 14 day quarantine if you are traveling. To view which states this applies to click here. Please pay special attention that surrounding states are on this list. Please refer to the map below.
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Thank you to our FSA for treating the teachers to these amazing snacks!

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IMPORTANT - If anyone in your family tests for COVID-19

If you or a family member in your home is tested for COVID- regardless of the reason for the test- we must know about it and document it. Your child and all siblings in school should stay at home until you receive the result. If a family member is found positive, your child will need to be in quarantine. The quarantine would last 14 days providing the positive person is in isolation. If they break isolation, it is labeled a "complex quarantine" and students will need to be in isolation and quarantine. This is 24 days total. Final decision regarding how long a student must miss school is decided by the Archdiocesan nurse. Her decision is based on the information you provide to us. It is imperative that families be truthful in their position. Our goal is for our students to be learning and growing, whether it is in school or in our virtual school.

The reality is that children may be positive with the slightest of symptoms. Always keep our school in your communication.

Grades K-4 device survey

Please take this short survey about technology devices available to your child at home

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Calendar changes

We recently have made a few changes to our school calendar. This year, the responsibilities of teachers have drastically increased. The amount of planning time has decreased. For this reason, we are going to begin some early dismissals to allow teachers more time to effectively plan. Dismissal time will be 1:00. Students will have time to eat a snack at school but will not have lunch. Early dismissals will take place on the last Thursday of each month. After care will be available. Students going to after care may bring their own lunch to eat.

Early dismissal dates:

October 29

January 28

February 25

March 25

April 29

May 27

Archdiocese of Chicago COVID-19 Case Protocol

The Office of Catholic Schools’ Infection Protocol Guide details the steps required of school administrators

School Crossing Guard

We are currently looking for a crossing guard to help students in the morning and after school with crossing on Mayfair . This is a volunteer position that would require about 20 minutes for each time. Officer Verber, the student resource officer, will provide trainings to those interested.

We hope you consider doing this so we can have a great group and would lighten the task for those interested. If you are interested, please email Mrs. LeTourneau at lynn.letourneau@archchicago.org

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Message from the Cardinal

Archdiocese of Chicago September 17, 2020

Happy Birthday!

No birthdays this week!

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Class of 2021 High School Information Page

Updated October 9, 2020 Click here for more information about area Catholic High Schools

Virtual School

Just as a reminder: Any Virtual students wishing to come back into the physical classroom must give us a 2 week notice of the move.

If your child is in the school building and would like to move to the virtual school, please let Mrs. Heil know and they may start immediately. Please refer to the above, that once that move is made, they must attend the virtual school for at least 2 weeks.

Any student that is home sick or awaiting test results for themself or a sibling and NOT enrolled in the virtual school may have access to the Zooms classes, but they are still considered absent.

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Phone Number for Extended Care (To call or text during extended care hours) 773-682-6196

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Extended Day Registration

Click here to print the registration form for Extended Day

Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish Bulletin

Click here to see the Sunday Parish bulletin.

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All Fall Sports have been canceled

Band Information

Details how the band program will work at Divine Providence School 2020-2021

Divine Providence Staff 2020-2021

Please CLICK HERE for the faculty for 2020-2021

Click on the documents below to view.

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Exiting the car

Please make sure that students are exiting the car closest to the door they will be entering. We have seen students entering and then walking around the car. This can be dangerous for the driver of the car or the person behind. Thank you for your cooperation!