The New Egg Times

A newspaper for chickens! Edition 1, Year 2014

New Pullet Lays New Egg!

Nermal "Queenie" Splash was the first of the young pullets to lay an egg! The egg was found in a nest box with 2 feathers on it. One was her's and the other belonged to Katy Rock Perry, another pullet on the farm. We have been finding more eggs of Nermal's in following weeks.

Chicken Chases Person

Young pullet, Silvia Blue loves to chase chicken lover Tara Rapoport around the pen. Silvia is a Blue Andalusian and fits the "Blue" part perfectly. She is a grayish blue on her body, while her neck feathers and tail are a deep navy blue. Silvia is the sweetest little hen, and can very energetic. "Once she stepped in white while we were painting the coop.", quotes Tara of Silvia, "My mom and I had to catch her and clean white paint off of her blue legs. She looked like a UK fan!" All Tara has to do to get Silvia running, is call her and take off! When Silvia chases Tara, Martha Blue, Silvia's sister, joins in followed by Kate Checkie, a beautiful Exchequer Leghorn, and Katy Rock Perry, a Barred Rock. "Katy has this weird way of bobbing her head when she runs. It looks like she dislodged it, or something is hideously wrong." Tara describes Katy's weird phenomenon. All chickens are different, and Silvia is definitely unique.

Where was this egg?

You know who laid the egg, now where was the egg? P.S. Everything below is completely made up for privacy reasons.
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Look for More!

This isn't the only edition of the New Egg Times! Look for more as they are created! They will be titled as edition 2, 3, 4, etc.
The New Egg Times 2!

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