By: Joel A.

Reflection 1: Exhibition

Exhibition, in my opinion seems uncomfortable because the exhibition reflections from last year were mainly talking about the challenges and difficulties of it. Such as being responsible for your own big role and making sure that you’re up to date with your group. But on the other hand there were also some benefits to exhibition such as the action component where you have to bring awareness to the school about the issue or topic. Going into exhibition will be a challenge for me because this is my first time being in the IB program but with confidence I will do fine.

Reflection 2: Exhibition

For the past few days of exhibition I showed a couple of Leaner Profile attributes. I showed a thinker because I had to research and think about how to put my two-page report together. I also showed an inquirer because I had to research my questions about solutions to radiation to get a better comprehension of my line of inquiry to make a good two-page report.

Reflection 3/4: Exhibition

For the past few weeks of exhibition I have shown quite a few research skills. For example formulating questions for the grade 11 and the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station to complete the primary research, collecting data by researching resources and information on the web to make a two page report and a website and presenting research finding to the mentor teachers.

Reflection 5: Exhibition

For our art component my group and I have all shown independence, creativity and commitment to complete our art component. Our goal was to make a fake atom (radionuclide) out of a styrofoam and wires and make fake electrical devices such as laptops, cellphones, watches and etc. on paper then glue it to the cardboard then hot glue it to the fake atom (radionuclide), then to attach lights to wherever the device emitted radiation. So what we did is to divide and conquer, which means to divide the tasks evenly and get it done. I did the drawing, the colouring and the cutting of the devices, Lomax did the atom and Alex K. did the story board. It was quite a struggle to get all of the work done because of extracurricular activities but we managed to get it done on time. After that we used the last art period before the day of exhibition the glue the electrical devices on the atom (radionuclide). Then we stayed in for lunch recess to finish attaching the circuits on to the device and our art component was completed.

Reflection 6: Exhibition

For exhibition in our media component We decided to make a website that is student friendly. I feel I contributed fairly because in the solutions section I put in a lot of work and into making a paragraph about solutions and preventions to radiation and how much radiation is being exposed when you utilize cellphones, laptops, Tablets, x-rays and many more devices. To make it student friendly we added a quiz game to quiz them on radiation questions that was answer in the website.

Reflection: Mentor Meeting

When my group and I went to our mentor meetings last time and the other times I contributed by sharing my research on my topic and listening to my group members ideas. Mentor meetings work by the group which in this case Alex K., Lomax and I explaining what we have completed and what we will be completing in the future and who has to do a different jobs to our mentor teachers which in this case is Ms. Bonner and Ms. Duke. What we discuss about is how the big project is going, what have we completed, ideas for different components and what will we be completing. The role of the mentor teacher is to see where you are going and make changes and come up with better ideas. Also to revise and edit our work like our two-page report or any letter being sent out to an organization, an informative relative or a company that relates to your topic.

Reflection: Primary Research

For our primary research we first created a list of questions to ask the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in Pickering, Ontario. Then we gave it to our mentor teachers to revise and edit some mistakes that were made or to add in anything that was necessary. Then they sent the letter to Pickering. We were quite aware of the fact that they might not respond so just incase they didn't we came up with another idea. Our idea was to ask the grade 12's questions about radiation to complete our primary research.

Reflection 8: Exhibition

Our presentation was a success. There were many things I liked about it. We really knew our lines of inquiry and we inquired more on it. What I really liked about it was that we all spoke clearly and at most times we maintained eye contact with the audience. I also really liked engaging the audience and making the laugh at some points. Finally I really like testing the audience and asking them question to see if they tuned us out or if they were paying attention.

Reflection 9: Exhibition

There were five exhibition groups in exhibition. Radiation, Water Pollution, Littering, Invasive Species and Deforestation. I am particularly looking at the Invasive Species group. In the start of there presentation they did a little skit or scene to engage the audience. In their act they wanted to showcase their topic with humour. After the skit they started talking about the invasive species they chose. It was the Sea Lamprey, the Asian Carp and the European Green Crab.