Labor Union

Lucas Fanning

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie sped up the process of the industrial revolution. He was a very wealthy man that started up a lot of steel businesses, which made for easier manufacturing of railroads. And we all know that railroads were extremely important for almost everything. He was also a major contributor in education, for he donated money towards thousands of libraries around the world.

Knights of Labor

The Knights of Labor focused their secret group on many things, one of them being the abolition of child labor. They played a major role in the Labor Movement, for their numbers grew rapidly over the years.

Life in Pullman

Pullman, Illinois was town full of fun things to do. An amazing clock tower breaks the sky with it's stunning beauty. Pullman had many arcades and stores to pass your time, along with an athletic facility on a small manmade island.

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The Haymarket Square Riot

The Haymarket Square Riot was a brutally bloody event. During a labor strike in Chicago, Illinois, police who are trying to break up the strike are threatened with a bomb. The bomb is thrown into the crowd of police, which results in many shots being fired. The shots were not warning shots, instead, they killed and injured dozens of people. Three of the main men in the strike were put under the death sentence. One of whom committed suicide the night before his execution, and the other two had their sentences changed to life sentences by the Chicago governor Richard Oglesby.