Close Reading At Merryhill Calvine


Introducing Close Reading

What is Close Reading?

Close Reading is a reading strategy that involves digging deeper into reading in order to gain a richer and more meaningful understanding of the text. During the process of Close Reading, students acquire new vocabulary, improve comprehension, develop conversational skills, and gain an understanding of concepts such as author's purpose and tone, text structure and style. But most importantly, students develop reading strategies that encourage them to approach complex text with confidence.

Teachers began our year of Close Reading by reviewing the process with students and creating posters for student reference. These will serve as reminders of the close read process throughout the year and help keep students and teachers on track during each phase of reading.

The four phases of Close Reading:

1: What does the text say? (Literal meaning: general idea, key details)

2: How does text work? (vocab, text structure, author's style)

3. What does the text mean? (author's purpose and inferences)

4: What does the text inspire you to do? (action oriented questions or tasks)

Take a Peek into our Classrooms!

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Ms. Silver 3rd Grade Room 6

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Ms. Stephens 3rd Grade Room 3

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Mrs. Finch 4th/5th Grade Room 4

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Mr. Kimble 6th Grade Room 1