Festival on Pluto

Come to the once and a life time festival on Pluto!

How long the trip will take

When Pluto, the Earth, and the sun are lined up perfectly it is 4.2 billion km. But when they're both on opposite sides furthest from the sun it will take 7.5 billion km. So we are having the festival when the planets and sun are lined up so it easier for travel!

Festival on Pluto

Monday, July 1st 2013 at 9pm


Come to Pluto for the festival of a lifetime! there will be everything you can imagine and more.

Fun facts about where you will be visiting

Pluto's atmosphere has a thin envelope of gases. Clouds of nitrogen surrounds Pluto but the planet does not have enough gravity to keep them together. If water were to create on Pluto it would be frozen into rock hard ice because the planet is composed of 98% of nitrogen ice, methane and carbon.

What to wear and the size

Pluto used to be a planet, but because of it's size it was promoted into a dwarf planet into 2006. It is extremely small but we will be able to fit everyone going to festival in there. Did you know Pluto takes 6 days and 9 hours to complete one rotation, so the festival will feel never ending. the weather will be cold and stormy there so make sure to bring warm and comfortable clothing. With umbrellas and rain coats.