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Week of December 15


Thank you creating such a fun atmosphere in our staff meeting today. It's always refreshing to get together and have fun while taking care of business simultaneously. Keep in mind the feeling and thoughts you shared today about designing your own careers. Our students will have the opportunity to do that and their career could take on many forms. The work we do each day is building the skills they need to be successful in their futures.

As the holiday draws near, take time to refresh and reflect. There are many, many things we are doing well that we need to celebrate and acknowledge our growth.

Have a great weekend,


Week at a Glance

Monday, Dec 15

Boys Bball vs Pike (7th away/8th home)

Tuesday, Dec 16

Barker @ Principal PLC

Wednesday, Dec 17

Spelling Bee 10:00

Thursday, Dec 18

Girls Bball vs Pike (7th home/8th away)

Friday, Dec 19

Grade Level Meetings 8:15

Important Information

  • Congrats to Christy Chisholm as we joins the 8th grade team after the holiday break!
  • Our newest 8th grade Team Leader will be Lindsey Davis!
  • Monday is our Christmas Family lunch in the lounge and the Ugly Sweater Contest. Best of luck to everyone!
  • The flu has officially hit Tidwell. Be sure to wash your hands, get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Please encourage your students to practice good hygiene as well.
  • Be sure to thank the Tidwell PTA for our goodies this week. They work hard behind the scenes for the Titans.
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Titan Holiday Happenings!

Monday - Tidwell Christmas Family Luncheon in the lounge

Friday - Breakfast provided in the lounge