October 2nd, 2020

Ashland High School

Office Hours 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Knock on the door, or ring the bell, if you plan to come to the Main Office. To maintain social distancing, we ask that you stay outside.

Attendance Office: 541-482-8782

Deb Falk, Attendance Secretary

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This week's Grizz...

  • Reminders and Expectations about Attendance
  • Students With Work Schedules
  • Sports Registration
  • Activities
  • Clubs (Application and clubs happening now!)
  • Class of 2021 Info! Senior Parent Night & Ordering Attire
  • Counseling Office
  • College & Career Pathways
  • Mental Health Essay Contest
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • FAQ

Principal's Update

Hello Grizzlies!

Our students have been doing a great job this week attending their classes and getting used to a new routine. A routine can help to create consistency so that students are always ready to learn on time. As always, students should get plenty of sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast and get ready for school in the way that they normally would. Even though students don’t get to physically come to school, it’s important to keep these things in place to mark a clear difference between school time and free time. Likewise, we encourage students to keep a calendar or schedule and block out time to attend live (synchronous) classes as well as time to complete school work independently. These are useful tips to help us manage our time. Up to this point we have begun with a “soft start” to give everyone time to get familiar with the new schedule and with Canvas. In the coming weeks, the pace will pick up a bit, so it’s important to stay organized to make sure we can manage our time effectively.

With our new online system of learning, it’s important to know that AHS stands ready to be flexible and make adjustments as needed to make sure that distance learning can work for everyone. With that in mind, we developed a policy regarding student Zoom profile pictures and virtual backgrounds in order to make sure that students are still identifiable to their teacher and to ensure profile pictures and backgrounds do not become distracting to others. Profile pictures are important because if a student turns off their video for any reason, their profile picture becomes visible to the rest of the class and teacher. Please see the guidelines below which were shared earlier this week with teachers:

Student profile picture should be:

  • School appropriate ( all photos/clothing on yourself or your avatar must adhere to school dress code)
  • Consistent
  • A bitmoji or avatar of yourself
  • A headshot/picture of yourself
  • Default: your name is always acceptable

Students are not required to use a virtual Zoom background. However, if they choose to, a Zoom virtual background should be:

  • Something Neutral
  • Nature photo
  • Solid color
  • Zoom defaults
  • Grizz paw/school spirited

I thank our students and families for their understanding and cooperation. I hope that everyone has a good weekend and a successful upcoming week.

Thank you!

Benjamin Bell


Ashland High School

Reminders and Expectations about Attendance

  • Attendance is taken every period.
  • Attending the synchronous (Live) component of class is expected and is the best and easiest way to keep on top of class work and overall school success.
  • If a student cannot attend the synchronous part of class, students need to engage in a 2-way communication with the teacher about that day's lesson/assignment.
  • Teachers are able to track in Canvas how much a student has been engaging with the videos, lessons, assignments posted.
  • Students are still expected to log in on time and attend the whole time. When student’s come in late and leave early on a regular basis, the teacher will be reaching out to them on why this is occurring as it is disruptive to the learning environment.
  • Parents need to call in, in order to excuse absence just like in "brick and mortar" days. Same attendance code and reasons apply:
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Students with Work Schedules

We understand that many of our students have jobs. Earning work experience (and a paycheck) while still in high school can be a very positive experience for students. However, we do want to clarify that even with distance learning, school still comes first.

Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Students will prioritize attending their live (synchronous) classes when creating work schedules.
  • Teachers, counselors and administration will not provide schedule or class accommodations with regards to work schedules.
  • Work and related activities should not impede a student’s ability to attend live classes or negatively impact their academic performance.

We recognize and support a student’s right to work. However, we remain committed to the idea that quality education is the gateway to positive opportunities and outcomes in life.


We will be starting some limited in person athletic training soon. Make sure you REGISTER on Family ID before participation

Click HERE to register.

Check the coach list below to contact the person with information about your sport for details.


Activities at Ashland High School

Check the coach list below to contact the person with information about you activity for details.







Wanting to start up a club? Let's do it!!! Fill out the Club Application Form below, connect with a staff member who could be an advisor for your club, and email the completed Club Application Form to or drop it off in the mail box by the Main Office. You do NOT need to get an in person signature from an advisor.

AHS Drama Club

AHS Drama Club Thespian Troupe is on Wednesday from 11:30am-12pm!

OPEN TO ALL AHS STUDENTS whether you like to be on stage or back stage or neither!

Click HERE for Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 990 9951 1746

Passcode: 456358

Writers and Poets Club

Come to the Writers and Poets club, every Thursday at lunch! We will be reading and discussing various pieces of literature, playing with writing prompts, bringing in occasional guest writers, and having fun with words in a safe and inclusive environment. We hope to see you there!

Click HERE for the Zoom link.

Class of 2021 Information!

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Senior Parent Night - Wednesday, 10/7

Senior Year at a Glance

Wednesday, October 7, 5:30-6:30

  • Know how the AHS School Counseling Department supports your senior
  • Find out what happens in your student’s CCR (Career and College Readiness) class
  • Learn about the tasks your student (and you) should be accomplishing this fall, winter and spring
  • Hear about critical events and dates
  • Q and A

Click HERE for Zoom Link

Class of 2021 Senior Grad Attire Ordering Info

Class of 2021! ­­

We would like to introduce you to our official Graduation vendor, Royal-T / Herff Jones. Herff Jones has been servicing schools in our area for over 40 years and Ashland High School is proud to partner with them in creating a memorable graduation experience for every Senior. They will be providing caps & gowns and our official Ashland graduation announcement, as well as 2021 apparel and memorabilia to ensure that this much anticipated celebration is unforgettable.

This message is time sensitive and orders should be placed right away to ensure correct sizing and availability. Please take time to watch the virtual Senior meeting and read through this email carefully. This meeting will help answer any questions you may have and show you the benefits of ordering now. Contact Herff Jones with any of your questions.

Congratulations Class of 2021! My name is Marv Northcutt and I am your graduation representative from Herff Jones. We are excited for a great year and have created a Senior Meeting video for you to watch at home today.

CLICK HERE for a link directly to your Senior Meeting!

Graduation Product Timeline for Ashland High School

  • Today is your Senior meeting release date! Click the above link to watch your Senior Meeting or check it out at
  • Your two week ordering window begins right now. Place your order with a $60 down payment HERE. Ashland High School’s designated ordering window ends on October 18th, 2020. Our website will be open until the Spring, but this two week ordering window is how we can guarantee our best prices, early delivery, and precise sizing on your items.
  • Apparel and all other early delivery items will be available for pick up on October 22nd, 2020.
  • Final payments on all graduation orders are due on March 1st, 2021. You can make payments anytime throughout the year online at
  • Delivery of Cap & Gown and Graduation Announcement products Spring 2021.

Below you will find a graphic showcasing the important information for your school from our Senior Meeting that you have just watched. Please feel free to save this image, print it for the fridge, or share it with anyone who may need the information. We look forward to a great year! Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Royal-T / Herff Jones anytime for assistance at 360-254-7870 or through email at CLICK HERE to place your order today!!!

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Counseling Office

High school counselors are educators uniquely trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self-management and social skills who understand and promote success for today’s diverse students. They implement a school counseling program to support students through this important developmental period.

If you need to get in contact with your counselor regarding scheduling, academics, etc., call the counseling office at 541-482-2278 or email your counselors.

Keri Phipps

9th Grade Counselor


Diane Berry

10th-12th Grade Counselor - Last Names A-Ha


Bryanna Trevino

10th-12th Grade Counselor - Last names He-N


Maurice Monteiro

10th-12th Grade Counselor - Last names O-Z


Jen Marsden

College & Career Specialist:


Karyn Barats

Scholarship Coordinator:


College and Career Pathways

Resources for Seniors and their Parents/Guardians

Seniors have just started their AHS College and Career Readiness (CCR) classes, where they will be getting extensive support and guidance on finding a post high school education and/or career pathway that is a good fit for them. Jen Marsden, our College and Career Specialist, is also available to help students explore their interests/options, and to assist in navigating the college admissions and financial aid process. Ms. Marsden will be providing college and career planning curriculum in CCR classes, during CCR Advisory on Wednesday mornings, and through daily office hours. Seniors (and parents/guardians) are encouraged to reach out to her with questions at She is also happy to schedule a phone or zoom appointment and can be reached at 541-482-8771 x2130. Please take some time to check out the helpful resources and upcoming information sessions for parents/guardians that are listed below.

AHS College Handbook

Explore the 2020-21 AHS College Handbook, which contains useful information for all students planning to pursue post high school education. Topics covered include how to find an educational pathway that’s a good fit, information on applying to community colleges and four-year public and private universities, ACT/SAT information, how to access financial aid and scholarships, and other useful information. You can also pick up a hard copy of the AHS College Handbook, which is available in a box by the door to the AHS Main Office.

General FAFSA Info

The 2021-22 FAFSA goes live on October 1st and will use tax information from 2019. Students planning to start college in fall of 2021 should complete the 2021-22 FAFSA. Before October 1st, both the student and one parent can create an FSA ID. Students will get support signing up for their FSA ID in their CCR classes. The FSA ID is the Federal Student Aid Identification students and parents use to sign and verify information on their FAFSA and federal student loans. It is important that students sign up for their own FSA ID. Prior to filling out the FAFSA, families can also complete the FAFSA4Caster to see if they will likely be eligible for government financial aid.

ACT and SAT Updates

Due to Covid restrictions, Ashland High School will not be administering the ACT or SAT through the end of October. If students are allowed back on campus later in the fall, AHS will possibly open as a test site in November and/or December. Check 2020 ACT Updates and 2020 SAT Updates for the most current information about ACT /SAT testing. The majority of colleges that usually require ACT/SAT scores as part of the admissions process, have waived that requirement for the Class of 2021 as they know many seniors have been unable to test. Please check individual colleges to see their updated policies.

Students who still want to attempt to test this year can register for the ACT and SAT online, and those who qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for fee waivers for both tests. Please contact to obtain a fee waiver.

Mental Health Awareness ESSAY CONTEST

IBPF's High School Essay Contest - Topic Announced!

We All Have Mental Health… How Can Students’ Mental Health Be Supported Virtually?

Connect with your peers virtually to understand what is needed to support their mental health during this time. Create a virtual mental health campaign or program, including how you would implement it, by working with your school staff such as, principal, counseling office, and teacher(s).


  1. Must be a current high school student in 9th to 12th grade.
  2. Must provide your high school teacher or counselors information for verification.


We are pleased to announce that 3 winners will receive cash prizes ($1,000, $500, $250) and their letters used as a template for future advocacy that will be featured on our website!

Find more information and how to apply here.

Mental Health Counseling Services

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These are challenging times that can be even harder on teens. If your teen is experiencing the feelings and/or issues listed below, we’re here to support them - regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Schedule a meet-and-greet or an appointment with AHS Health Center therapist Kimberly Wasserman by calling 541-842-7677.

Somethings to look/listen for are:

• Anxiety, panic or excessive worry

• Grief, loss, disappointment and anger

• Traumatic events including discrimination

• Family conflict

• Depression, apathy or suicidal thoughts

• Isolation, withdrawal, boredom and loneliness

• Substance use or changes in behavior

Please note: If you are having a mental health emergency and are in imminent risk of harm, you should call Jackson County Mental Health at 541-774-8201 or 911 since our services may not be immediately available.


Where can I pick up requested textbooks & other class matierals if I missed the pick up day?

Textbooks that were requested from the library will be at the Main Office along with other class materials. Some of these materials are waiting for you to pick up outside. If you do not see the materials you need, please knock on the door and we will bring them to you. If you are not sure if you have class materials to pick up, ask your teacher. If you would like to request a textbook, email

Where can I drop off physical assignment?

You can drop off assignments, or other paperwork, in our lock box right outside of the front office.

Need Technology Support?

Ashland School District Tech Department is here to help if you have questions about a device, PowerSchool, etc.

Click HERE to access Distance Learning Student Portal

For other technical questions, contact our Tech Deparment at:


Tech Support Helpline: 541-201-2600

Click here to fill out the ASD Tech Support Request Form

Where can I access free internet around town?

See the list of free WiFi locations below. If you would like to request a Hot Spot from our tech department, please call the AHS Main Office at 541-482-8771 for more information.

  • Ashland Public Library - Open 12-4 Mon-Thur
  • Talent Library - Open 12-4 everyday but Fri
  • Phoenix Library - Open Tues 11-5, Wed 1-7, Thur 11-5
  • Medford Library - Open 12-4 everyday but Thur

  • Grace Point Church in Ashland - Contact Church for details
  • Rogue Valley Roasting Co
  • Starbucks
  • Bloomsbury Books
  • Boulevard Coffee
  • Mix Bakeshop
  • Nobel Coffee Roasters
  • HeartSong Nutrition

School Websites

Social Media

Ashland High School Campus Map

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