3D Printed Organs

By: Skyler Delman, and Steven Sharp

3D Printed organs and how they are made and used.

3D Printed organs are made using high-tech, extremely advanced 3D printers. These printers emit a gel-like substance that makes a coating over something that is molded to be the exact organ the person needs.

This technology is currently being tested to help out people who need organs, such as a person who needs a liver may be able to get a 3D printed liver instead of waiting on an organ donor list.

Benefits and Disadvantages.

The main benefit of this technology is that a person will not reject the organ because it is made with their own DNA. Another advantage of this tech is that it will only take hours to a day for someone to get a new organ. The biggest disadvantage is there can be an error and the organ can be damaged.

some organs that can be printed

how does it affect humans

It affects humans by helping to give them new organs so they can live, and is the first step to living longer. This will also have a huge impact on the technology we produce.

what is its economic affect

Well, this technology is going to be expensive at first it will cost thousands for a printer, but it will be a lot more effective than waiting for a organ from a donor and over time the organs may become easier to produce, making them less expensive.

how will it affect our environment and the world in a social aspect

This will affect our environment by making people live longer and saving other people's lives. The world will be affected by this in a social aspect because people will be able to have their families and friends for longer, strengthening their relationships

How will this affect our future

This will affect the future by making people live longer, being able to save more people and make it possible for more people to get new organs. This technology will lead to others finding new discoveries, and new technologies will be discovered because of this big step in human achievement.
Scientists develop new 3D organ printer