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Monthly Employee Newsletter - June, 2016

Local TECH center students visit GLA!

On Thursday, May 26th Great Lakes Aerial was visited by several students from the LISD TECH Center in Adrian, MI. Thanks to Justin Schmidt, our long-time friend and CWI, who is an instructor in the welding program there, we were given the opportunity to provide a tour of our facility for the students.

The TECH center is a county-wide, collaborative facility that provides Lenawee County students the opportunity for career and technical education classes. There are over two dozen classes for students to choose from, with an emphasis on growing industries. Certified instructors, like Justin, with on-the-job experience, teach the classes, which are a combination of hands-on learning and classroom academics. These courses are available to the students free of charge, as part of their regular high school schedule.

The group arrived in the morning, toured the offices and kicked their visit off by reviewing a slideshow presentation with Susan Richardson. The presentation gave them a brief history of GLA, the incredible growth of the organization, the products and services we offer, some background about the tower industry, and a little information about the recent move to Dundee. After that, they were treated to a full tour of the shop, with Jordan, who showed them each of the machines, explaining their use/functionality. Then they were treated to an extensive demonstration of the plasma tables by Tyler (their favorite part!)

The instructors told us that the kids really appreciated the opportunity to spend some time in a thriving fabrication shop and see the skills that they are learning, in application.

It was also a great opportunity for us to show off our beautiful facility and earn some more brand recognition within our community! Great job to Jordan and Tyler!

In other news...

NATE focused on increasing safety awareness

Recently, NATE has created several safety awareness videos as part of a national push to help promote safety in the tower industry. NATE continually pursues safety through its' member involvement of Industry Standards and NATE standards. NATE also works with state and federal officials in developing and addressing regulations that most directly affect its members. Visit NATE's YouTube channel to check out their videos HERE.

To see the latest safety video in the series, click HERE.

Welcome our recent new hires:

May: Perry Sanford-Truck Driver

May and June birthdays!

Happy birthday to:

Donna M-5/1

Dustin A-5/7

Justin W-5/20

Armani W-5/24

Kevin H-6/20

From the desk of Human Resources:

Just a few quick reminders for the field team or anyone traveling:

  1. Please remember to select your destination city (or job location), when heading out for travel, not the location you are currently residing in.
  2. When returning home from a job, please select "Monroe" as your destination (unless you are an office employee-you will use "Dundee"). The only other time you would use "Dundee" would be if you are actually working in the Dundee shop or attending a meeting at the Dundee facility/offices, etc.
  3. If you are headed out to a job that does not show up on your tablet, please take a picture of that job address label (on the front of your folder) and text it to Susan. She will enter it right away for you so you can then clock to it.
  4. Thank you for your continued efforts to compile and organize your receipts into your job folders. Upon return from a job, please present them to Donna in an organized manner for processing. Occasionally we are still finding miscellaneous receipts in trucks, which should not be happening. When you return from a job, please clean out your vehicles, ensuring that all receipts are accounted for and turned in upon return, so we do not have any late receipts. This will help ensure that we are able to reconcile the accounts on time. Thank you!
  5. For reimbursements: In order to process expense checks from accounting, a valid receipt is required. Donna cannot issue you a check without a valid receipt.
  6. As always, please be on the lookout for our texts/emails on Mondays and Tuesdays as we are working to complete the time variances and missing punches. Timesheets must be submitted to us by 5pm on Tuesdays in order to meet the deadline, before we begin processing payroll on Wednesday mornings :)-Susan and Nicole!

Questions? Contact your Management team:

Dundee office line: 734-868-0130

Jason Curley: Dir. of Operations X204

Troy Zochowski: Snr. Project Manager x201

Jeff Varty: Project Manager x212

Jeff Leitner: Geotechnical Project Manager x210

Kevin Haener: Designer x205

Trisha Beaudrie: Purchasing Manager x213

Jordan Zornow: Production Manager x209

Donna Michel: Accounting Manager x207

Susan Richardson: Human Resource Director x206

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