Recycling in our school:

KMS Hawks 2015-16

Paper waste in KMS

We use a LOT of paper every year here at Kernersville Middle School. I know that firsthand, because I love to write and often I ask some classmates for paper to continue writing, and then they don't have any! I think that to solve this problem we could possibly engage in more online activities, like on Edmodo. Often last year (2014-15) Mr. Bechtel would give us assignments online on websites like Edmodo, where Word documents would be attached, and we would be able to work on the assignment online and we should do that school-wide. It would save money, and it also saves paper, seeing how much we use each year.

Food waste in KMS

Here in KMS, students who buy lunch often don't eat their food. They play with it, or eat part of it, or don't touch it at all. In my opinion, we should have some kind of compost pile (to be maintained by the Garden Club/ Mr.Boyer/ volunteering students) and it would porvide cost-free fertilizer for the plants and trees planted around the school grounds. The only cost of the compost pile is (possibly) buying the worms to be used as decomposers for the pile.