Naquag Remote Learning: 5/12-5/15

Happy Weekend Naquag Families!

Thank you for your continued collaboration and support. Much appreciated!

A few kind reminders..


Our Naquag teachers continue to diligently work in providing our students with support, guidance and weekly remote learning plans. Their commitment is superb. Naquag teachers are devoted to helping their students. Thank you Naquag teachers!

- May 18 is a District Professional Development Day. Our teachers will be reviewing DESE's Prerequisite Content Standards for planning & instruction plus additional PD resources too.

- Learning Links for Tuesday, May 12 - Friday, May 15:

5/12 - 5/15/2020 Naquag Kindergarten Remote Learning

5/12 - 5/15/2020 Naquag First Grade Remote Learning

5/12 - 5/15/2020 Naquag Second Grade Remote Learning

Related Arts (Specials - Art, Music, PE) Suggested 30 minutes weekly, per subject.

5/12 - 5/15/2020 Mrs. Shepherds' Art Link

5/12 - 5/15/2020 Mrs. Gough's Music Link

5/12 - 5/15/2020 Mr. Barbale's PE Link

Also sharing Naquag's School Psychologist, Lisa Hunt, SEL Link! (Social, Emotional Learning)

5/12 - 5/15/2020 Mrs. Hunt's SEL Link

Please click on "Home" at the upper right hand corner of Mrs. Hunt's SEL link.

Our learning links are also located on the Naquag Webpage: ("Announcements")

Thank you for your collaboration and support during these challenging and unique times. Our Naquag parents are the best!! We deeply appreciate your continued energy and cooperation as you assist with education during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Please feel welcome to contact me or your classroom teacher with any questions or concerns. We are here to help and support!

Have a safe and relaxing weekend. Happy Mother's Day!