Antarctica be used for tourism?

should it be?

Where is Antarctica?

Home to millions of different species, Antarctica is located in the Southern Hemisphere. It's 5.4 million square miles,10,337 miles from the Uk and is the fifth-largest continent there is.

Antarctica is a protective continent. No trash, footsteps or contact with the living organisms is tolerated. Antarctica is in such strict conditions because of the uniqueness it holds. Not to mention it's enthralling scenery, it's not like the typical land you get on earth.

Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth and is considered a dessert! So the climate in Antarctica is rather extreme, it is absolutely freezing all year round, in summer, the daytime temperature varies from -25 to -5 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature recorded was almost -90 degrees Celsius. During summertime in Antarctica there will be at least one 24 hour daylight, the sun can never set for 6 months, in the winter time, again, there will be at least one 24 hour dark light period and can have no sunrise of 6 months!

The coast of Antarctica is where most of the beautiful scenery is. There is a mixture of ice bergs, water and rocky cliffs. The inlands of Antarctica is all dessert, it is a complete surrounding of snow and ice. This harsh-conditioned content's wildlife is fascinating. In the sea, there usually are krill's, squids, jellyfish, sea worms, snails, seals, salps, whales, penguins and many different species of sea birds. The land animals are a different story. Almost all of the land animals in Antarctica are micro-organisms. The largest recorded land animal was no bigger than a beetle at 12 mm big!

ownership of Antarctica

There are three different countries that claim territory on Antarctica. There are the U.k, Argentina and Chile. The treaties consist of: Antarctica remains untouched, so no nuclear testing, radio-active waste and only disposable waste. Antarctica must remain a peaceful and science promoting area

Tourism in Antarctica

People go to antarctica simply because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, it's not exactly an everyday thing where you can see the wildlife, take long walks to soak in the flabbergasting scenery, take a look at the biggest ice bergs on the planet or even take the long plane rides to south america and dangerous but extravagant boat ride to the antarctic circle. Although one must be highly respectful to the terms and conditions of Antarctica as the protected continent is taken seriously and grey consequences will come to the person's way if one of the treaties is broken

cons of going to Antarctica

Over 50, 00 people have made the journey to this exquisite area named the Antarctica annually. Now the question of whether this is a good or bad idea has been a wonder for quite some years now. The fact that the ecosystem is vulnerable, too many people could disturb it's fragailness which would take a long time to recover. Although tourist have to try and not show ANY signs of them previously being there. They are also banned from touching or approaching any animals and must keep a safe distance from them. If the animals approach the visitor, they must stand still and do nothing to provoke the attention of the animal- which is one way they are trying to make Antarctica unharmed.

However the conditions and environment in Antarctica is very dangerous, fatal and in no way "tourist-friendly" As ISM's science teacher , ms Cowley said "it's basically like antarctica is trying to kill you, one false move and that's it" Also consider the fact that there is no emergency team, an ambulance could takes hours to arrive, so if one suffers a severe injury then there is no ambulance to help accommodate and address the injury before it's too late.

The Decision

So it's time to make the decision of whether tourism is appropriate in Antarctica or not. The decision is that tourism should be highly limited and people should do an organised and accurate "test" Also tourist should only be allowed in certain areas that a relevantly safe,to avoid the harsh conditions or wild and untamed creatures. Also if you limit the amount of tourist,then the amount of harm or chances of harm in Antarctica will reduced.