Neuse River Basin

By: Carson Tucker & Haleigh Stokes

Neuse River Basin

The Neuse River Basin starts along the headwaters of the Eno and form a mouth at Pamlico Sound.

Milage and Population

3,409 miles of streams and rivers are included in this basin, and approximately 1,687,462 people live in this river basin (from 2010).

Nonpoint and Point sources of Pollution

An example of a nonpoint source of pollution in the Neuse River would be that too many of certain nutrients overpopulate the river and kill many things and cause aquatic plants to undertake an overgrowth. Low dissolved oxygen is another example, as they are a very important part of keeping a lot of aquatic plants alive. The partial removal of these nutrients and higher dissolved oxygen levels would be a great solution to these nonpoint sources.

An example of a point source of pollution is the free-swimming organisms, called Pfiesteria piscicida, which are thought to be connected to many major fish deaths. Fertilizers and animal wastes are another example, as they are linked to having an overpopulation of nitrogen and phosphorus, which could be potentially dangerous if enough is there. Removing the fertilizers, animal wastes, nitrogen, and phosphorus within the river would cause for less fish deaths and a healthier river, and is also a good solution for these point sources.

Neuse Water Basin

Raleigh, Duke University, Falls Lake, Durham, and Minnesott Beach are all in this river basin.