Israel Times

Written by: Emily Ames

What is Slit?

Well silt are small particles of rich soil found near the fertile crescent

  • Related by the Nile river because it was carried from those waters in the spring

What are Fellahin?

Farmers in Egypt who lived in villages and worked on small plots of land that they rented.

  • Related by the Nile river. They were 20 miles away from the Nile river.

Phosphate! That just sounds like a made up word.

Phosphate Is a mineral salt used in fertilizer

  • Is related by the industilation of Egypt

Let's talk about Israel.

The people in Israel are 80% Jewish while the other 20% are Palestinian.Or that the main crops are oranges,grapefruit,and lemons. And finally that 90% of people live in urban areas.

What's new in Iraq

70% of people live in urban areas.And did you know that the first cities built in Iraq were built around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Also the farmers' main crops are wheat,barley,dates,cotton, and rice

Were Libya's oil money goes to.

We're all are asking the same question were does Libya's money go.Well the money goes to import food items. To also build schools and hospitals. And finally to maintain a strong military.