The Rose

By Janelle

Why do roses have thorns?

Why do roses have thorns?

The rose looks beautiful and you get attract by it because it looks so pretty and smells so good! Different creatures big and small comes over to the rose to smell it and look at it, and it happens that the rose doesn't like it. The rose had thorns to protect themselves when the thorn is gone then the rose won't live very long.

Where do roses live, in hot climates or cold climates?

There are a total of 2,000 species of roses altogether,and they all prefer to stay in different climates. Some can stay in the hot tropical rain forests of Florida or some can survive the harsh winters and the cold winds. But roses do live in every place and continent except for Antarctica.

How do you plant a rose garden?

(These steps will be shortened up.)1.The Materials :a garden bed, rose plants, rose food and a shovel, starting this project on spring and summer is the best time for this project.

Step 1

Spread the garden flat before you start. Dig a hole first as deep as the root ball of the rose plant. The hole should have a stem 2-3 cm long above the root ball.Roses like rose food so be free to add rose food at the bottom of the rose plant. Make sure to plant the roses some space from each other so there is room for them to grow. Packed garden of roses will not bloom, so leave some space for the plants to let them spread all around.

Step 2

Mix some loose soil in with the rose food, release the roots from the root ball and put the rose plant in the hole.Fill the hole with the mixture of loose soil and rose food into the hole with the rose plant. You have to make sure you pack at least 2 cm of loose soil. After filling the hole give the rose water but water carefully water close to the soil.
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Step 3

You have to water the rose everyday, give them lots of water at first then afterwards give just some water just to keep it damp. Roses like heat and hot climates, but if it's not sunny it's alright because roses are actually alright with any season. Remember to cut off all the stems of the dead flowers during the Autumn.
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