By: Katie, Hannah, Liz


Hitler and the Natzis wanted to rid the world of Jews. There is no cause that could justify what they did except for that they had a strong hatred for the Jews. The Jews were seen as a problem to society and Hitler thought that in order for the nation to survive then problem must be eliminated. Some people say that it was Hitlers plan all along to exterminate the Jews. Some people say that the mass murders were the result of a long process where the Natzi Jewish was radicalized.

Immediate effects

Hitler immediately started setting up concentration camps. He killed all the people that were not able to work like women and young children. 11 million jews were killed during the Holocaust. There were 20,000 camps total. America and other countries found out what Hitler was doing and tried to stop it.

Lasting Effects

Most of the survivors from the Holocaust have flashbacks that begin to control their physiologic minds. The Holocaust shows and example of how prejudice society can be. Because of the Holocaust and other world conflicts we must teach younger generations that discrimination is a sin. This is because the genocide the Holocaust shows that it is okay to kill large amounts of people because of their religion.
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