Just say No, to B.O.

Hygiene is there when cleanliness is in air!

Just because you can’t smell yourself doesn't mean no one else can.

When living with several families in close quarters it always VERY important that everyone in the house Showers! It is not only disgusting when people don't bath but it is also a health hazard for everyone in the house! If one person gets sick and doesn't shower or wash their hands, then that subjects everyone else in the house to also get sick because of all the germs and bacteria floating around. And once one person gets sick, the whole family can get sick within just hours if the germs are still in the house. So to keep everyone healthy and smelling nice, everyone should shower at least twice a day and brush their teeth to keep up good hygiene!

Take a bath, Brush your teeth, feel good from your head to your feet.

Feeling Fresh, smelling clean, always practice good hygiene.

When everyone washes their hands, brushes their teeth, and takes showers the world is made a better place with less germs and bacteria. So everyone should take part in practicing good hygiene!