The Haunted House

Kellen Culberson

There were two couples where looking for a home to have a family. they had two kids. they were both boys Kyle how was 13 and another boy and Chris how is 10 they were two adopted kids and Denese and Kenny adopted them in to there life.

They were looking for a house and they came aponed a house what a 3 story house with a basement and the salesman was telling the family the story. when they belt. The house in the 1800`s. There was a man how was living there at that very house and some on came in side and killed the man and bared him under the house after hey bared them hey went up stayers to go to sleep that night . that night they some one herad a big boom it was raining cats and dogs out side and they all wuke up and the man how was bared under the house was standing in the kitchen and he had a long knife in his hand he was as green as grass. and he killed all three of the people. Kenny was did not believe him .

So they said they wanted the house and they got it the first night they were there the kids went down stayers to get a drink and they found a note on the counter what said get out it was written in blood they were so scard they went up stayers to go tell Kenny the next day they went to the basement and found denese she was posesd and she cape on saying this is my house is is my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they could not find out what was roung with denese so they left here in the house by here self.