From Cow to Ice Cream

By: Akshara Mahadevan 3as


Do you ever wonder how ice cream comes to the store? Well now you are about to know!


Milk comes from a cow so farmers take the milk from the cow. A truck will come to take the milk so the farmers help ship it in the truck. When it is shipped it will go to the factory.


Now the milk is at the factory. The milk is pumped into big storage tanks. Now it is time to make the ice cream. Pipes carry the milk to blenders. Now they make the flavor. They use a lot of machines to make the flavor . People have to taste the flavor before it is shipped to the store. The mix maker starts making the ice cream in shape. They add a little more flavor called bats. They put it in the freezer before it is shipped to the store because ice cream needs to be frozen. Then people come to take the ice cream. They ship it and off it goes to the store.


Trucks take the ice cream to the store . Sellers put the ice cream in the store where frozen things need to be. Someone will take the ice cream and have a nice frozen treat!

Fun Facts

But you still may be wondering what trucks carry the ice cream or do people in the factory do fun and silly things. Hear are some fun facts for you to hear. One fun fact is they put special ingredients like a little more chocolate or peanuts. Tanker trucks carry the ice cream. And people in the factory have a little fun of there own when work is finished.


And thats how ice cream gets to your table! Now you can have a nice frozen treat to eat.
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