Dork Diaries

by Rachel Renee Russell

Jasmine Painia

About the author

The authors name is Rachel Renee Russell and she lives in Northern Virginia. My author wrote some other books called Dork Diaries 1 and Dork Diaries 2. My author raised 2 daughters. The book genre is Fiction.

The summary of the book

The characters are Nikki J. Maxwell , Makenzie Hollister , Brandon, Chloe, Zoey, Brianna, mom and dad.

Hello friends out there. This book is about a girl named Nikki J. Maxwell and her life is harsh. The girl at her school named Makenzie Hollister and she is mean to Nikki, she calls Nikki a dork. Nikki has a crush on this boy named Brandon but she doesn't know if he likes her, she try's everything. But Makenzie keeps getting in the way things. Nikki's friends try to get Makenzie out the way but their bad at it. Nikki's dad came to the school and she was embarassed . A big incident happend but you'll have to read to find out.

Opinion of the book

What I like about the book was it was funny because she was doing the queasy cheesy dance and it was on the news paper of the school and she was embarrassed. what I didn't like about the book was Makenzie kept calling Nikki a dork. What I did like was she told about her day like when she told about how it was to stay the whole day at Makenzie Hollisters house. What liked about the book was it had funny noises, like farting and burping. This book is outstanding there's no need to change it.

What this book reminds me of

What this book reminds me of is Dear Dumb Diary's and it talked about Jamie's school and how she has a crush on Andrew and her bully elizabeth is so mean. What this book reminds me of is Diary of a wimpy kid because it talks about how greg gets bullied and how he's trying to get to his crush Holly. What this book reminds me of is me because I was bullied and it didn't feel right and I understand people because I feel their pain.

who would you share this with

I would share this with my mom because she would help me with my mistakes and if I were to do it again I would get it right.

I think this book was interesting.