Chapman Charger Staff Update


Week #38!

Good Afternoon Chapman Staff!

Wait? What?! I can NOT believe we are here already!

We have some drills to finish up. I will send a REMIND Message before they happen to help you prepare.

Please remember that you need to personally check out with me (with your checklist complete) and your keys turned into Bill before you leave on Wednesday. If you know that you are coming back in on Thursday and/or Friday you can let me know and we can check out on those days BUT you still have to turn your keys into Bill on Wednesday. I promise to let you in your rooms and building the rest of the week.

If you haven't already, please read Trent's email about chrome book and i-Pad storage over the summer. Please make sure that if you have anything done over the summer by the tech department that you need to fill out a work order. Letting me know as well would be helpful.

Please do not shift CA-60 files to the next grade level. Dawn and I will be working with the CA-60's and will do this over the summer.

Please make sure that your accommodation logs are up to date and accurate.

Fourth Grade has Morning Duty this week! Pack your smiles! We are the first people that students see at Chapman in the morning! Want to use the speaker? It is in my office! (Not packed yet!)

Monday 6/10

4th Grade End of the Year Party - 11:30

Kindergarten Picnic- 2 PM

5th Grade Farewell- 5:30

Tuesday 6/11

8:15 IEP

Kindergarten Field Trip

11:20 Fire Drill

Wednesday 6/12

Last Day- Half Day

5th Grade Clap Out 11:40 (Bring the Kleenex)

See you Monday