Pay It Forward

By Dani

Random knidness

Has anyone ever done something kind for you and then you done something kind as well. Well that is called Paying It Forward. Paying It Forward is when a friend does a kind thing to you and you do something kind to someone else. You ( Pay It Forward) . If you do a kind act it may not always be paid forward, just remember that.

One thing that can be paid forward is picking up something like a pencil box or a bracelet . A friend of my picked up my pencil box at school . That same day, I picked up a friends pencil . I hoped that it would be paid forward, and I think it was, although I am not sure. I hope you do something of the same kind today.

I hope you do not just do kind things to kids or friends, you can also do kind things for teachers and parents. I sometimes help them both, I help my teacher by moving desks so she does not have to do it all by herself after school.I help my classmates , they sometimes get scolded at by my teacher for how unstraight the desks are. So there are ways to help both friends and teachers at the same time.

There are also ways to help animals, in your town and in your country. You can volunteer at your local animal shelter , or at a big animal shelter . Like the Humane Society is a country. I do not know a lot about the shelters in my hometown, but there are a few of them. It’s not just people that need help.

Thoes are just a few ways to Pay It Forward. Now you do not need to write about all the good deeds you do. Just help , it can be for our parents , our neighbor or even your community . You do not even think about it . Pay It Forward is not just something you do thinking . It’s random acts of kindness that people do out of there heart , not there mind. So just go out there and be kind and Pay It Forward. It might not , but how do you know if it will be Paid Forward or not?
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Kindness (Pay it Forward)