Analyzing viola

viola's identity (text)

viola is very determined no matter what. she is also really nice and tries to help everyone when she can. " That I am viola which to confirm, ill bring you to a captain in this town where lie my maiden weeds, by whose gentle help I was preserved to serve this noble count"( V. 1. 224-227). This quote shows that she was undercover even thought she wanted to stop being a guy. one of the reason she came out of being undercover was because she really likes Orsino. also because her brother was never dies.

viola's gender (text)

violas gender is orinally a girl but as to become a boy. The reason she has to become a boy is because she loses her brother. and she doesn't want to be a maids but all the other jobs you have to be a guy. "It was besmeared as black as vaulcan in the smoke of war"(V.1.46). this quote shows how Vulcan is the reason she was so powerful to change her gender from a female to male. later in the story she came out and told everyone that she was actually a girl and not a boy.

poeple's perception of viola (text)

viola perception is different form other people. one person who looks at her for a lover is oliva. oliva is one of the most beautiful girls in the town and everyone want to get with her. "If it be aught to the old tune, my lord, it is as fat and fulsome to mine ear as howling after music"(V.1.102-104). This shows that oilva really likes Viola, she likes her so much that viola voice is music to ovlia ear. she basically is saying that viola can talk to her all day and she never will get tired of it.

simalliaries and difference shared with viola (Text)

This might sound funny but I also had to become a guy one day. that is one big similar thing I have with viola. The reason why I had to was because my cousin had a ex boyfriend and he didn't leave her alone so she told me to get boy clothes and that we should take picture and post them online so he can see them and get jealous. Another big difference is that I have not lost my dad like she had. viola dad die thank to god my dad is still with me I don't know what I would do if I lost my dad right now.

Viola's identity (Movie)

In the movie viola's identity is seen as she is powerful to be a girl. viola is also takes a lot of risks. One huge risk she takes is that she dress up as a boy just to play soccer because at her old school they cut out the girls team. This is a big problem because if her brother school finds out that she is playing her brother spot the brother would be kicked out of school which is not good. When she first went into Cornwell and went to her dorm room Orsino saw him (her) every girly he thought he every was a freshmen.

viola's gender (movie)

Viola's gender in the movie is a girl at first but then her soccer team is no longer a soccer team because her school takes out the girls soccer team. But then she decides to go to her brothers school because she wants to prove that she can play soccer like another guy, so she dress up like him. This whole time her brother is at London. In the middle of the story it was every hard for viola to play both of the parts. one reason was because she had to play Sebastian role but while playing his role his "ex" girlfriend would want to talk to him but viola couldn't let Monica get to close to her or she will know right away. while trying to lose Monica she had to go to a kissing both to kiss Orison but while they were kissing her ex boyfriend pops up. so its hard for her to hide her gender. in reality she is a girl but she has to become a boy to prove everyone a point.

poeple's perception of viola (Movie)

Other people view viola different. one person whole view viola as a lover was Olivia. In the movie she just thought that Sebastian was guy who wrote poems and guys who love to go shopping but the truth was that she never knew that he was really a she. until viola had to come out and tell the truth then she realized that she was in love with Sebastian not with viola. Another important character who looked at her wrong was Orison at the beginning he thought that viola was dude but he didn't know that it was viola who kissed him at the carnival. At the end of the story he realized that was she did was not right but he still went out with her and they still played soccer together.

simalliaries and difference shared with viola (Movie)

One thing that is very similar with m e and viola is that we both still have our dads. This isn't one of the most biggest or noticeable thing with this whole story but I saw how we shared that. There are many of difference in-between me and viola. one is that her and her dad are not at all close, in my eyes I think you and your father should be best friends. Another one is that her parents are not longer married and don't live in the same house no matter how but my parents get mad with each other my parents will never get a divorce. A very important huge and big one is that I don't go to a big or private school like she does. The schools she goes to look like they are college.