Times Running Out

Leave Earth and go to Kepler 452b Today

Planet Description

Kepler 452b is located in the Kepler 452 system revolving around a star just like our own. Kepler has a high chance of being very rocky and mountainous with many volcanoes. As we know there are no other life forms on this planet and we want to be the first and its only 1400 Light years away in the constellation Cygnus.

How Kepler 452b Compares to Earth

Earth vs Kepler 452b

  • Diameter: 12,742 km vs 20,387.2 km
  • Distance from its sun: 149.6 million km vs 168 million km
  • Average Temperature: 287 K vs 265 K
  • Length of Day: 24 hours vs ???
  • Length of Year: 365 days vs 385 days
  • Number of Moons: 1 vs 0
  • Number of Rings: 0 vs 0
  • How old would a 15 year-old be: 15 years old vs 14.2 years old
  • What is the Gravity: 9.8 m/s/s vs 19.62 m/s/s
  • How much Would 54 kg person Weigh: 120 lbs vs 240 lbs
  • What is the Distance from Earth: 1400 Light Years Away
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Because Kepler 452b is 1400 light years away it would take 14009.8 Earth years to get there which is long past a human life span so people who go to Kepler 452b are going to have to be Cryogenically Frozen to ensure that everyone makes it there alive.