Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Pre-planning your funeal

What is the right time to plan your funeral?

There is no time like the present to planning your funeral. Unsure of what to do or where to begin simply give a call to set-up a personalized appointment or find us on the web at to take advantage of our live chat and most commonly asked questions translated in several different cultures.

Pre-planning allows you to take advantage of today’s prices regardless of inflation. It also gives you the opportunity to pay over time.

Pre-planning your funeral allows you to customize your personal preferences and relieves your loved ones at a time of emotional turmoil. Pr-eplanning allows you to take advantage of:

1. Do you want to be an organ donor?

2. What you want to wear?

3. What kind casket you want, if any?

4. What type of service you want?

5. Who do you want to give the eulogy?

6. Decide to be buried or cremated?

Six reasons for prearranging you funeral.

1. Communicate your wishes

2. Reduces stress for friends and family at an already emotional time

3. Safes money

4. It may guarantee your family will never have to pay more for your funeral

5. Shows you care

6. Relieves your loved ones of the financial responsibility