LaCocoDots BOOking Blitz

TREAT yoself BOOKing Blitz

Today through October 30th

Need a BOOst in Your Trunk Show Calendar? Take the 2 Hour BOOking Challenge today through Wednesday, October 30th and TREAT yourself to a little something on Halloween!!

What is a 2 Hour Booking Challenge?

Booking trunk shows doesn't actually take a lot of time- it's all about taking ACTION!! This special challenge is a little different. No extra prizes, no carrot dangling for you.... S&D is providing all the rewards you could dream of!! But, to get them, you might need a BOOst! Sometimes, life can get a little overwhelming, and those booking efforts are pushed off until "tomorrow." The 2 hour challenge is a fantastic way to carve out a little bit of time NOW- it can fit into ANY schedule- and focus on boosting your personal business!! So, set it up, share your results and then TREAT yo'self for your efforts!! Why should kids have all the fun? :)

Step ONE- Warm Up

Declare Your goal! I am going to book 2 Trunk Shows with 2 hours of prospecting to be held by _____ so that I can ______.

Your Prospecting Plan. How will you break up your 2 hours? You will want to set aside time to email and warm up potential Hostesses AND time to follow up. You might set aside 1 hour now to prospect, ½ hour tomorrow to follow up and ½ hour the next day to follow up. Schedule it any way you’d like, just commit and write down how you’ll be using your 2 hours.

Warm Up- No need to recreate the wheel! Use our tools, and send them out! E-mail, text, FB... however you best connect with the potential hostess.

Step Two- Follow Up

Make Your Calls!! Review the Words to Say Scripts for inspiration, or call your upline and practice if you like! Just get your mind in the zone, and follow-up! TIP- Stand up, walk around and SMILE when you make your calls! Your mood really comes across on the phone, so share your excitement!

ANOTHER KEY TIP!! How are you motivating yourself? What are you going to treat yoself with? Have fun and be funny! Are you doing pushups? Shopping online for the reward you’ll get when you book 2? Forcing yourself to WAIT to pour your evening glass of vino until after you make your calls? Find something that motivates you and stick to it!! You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

Reach out to the low hanging fruit first- when you get a YES, you'll feel fantastic and the rest of your follow-up will be a breeze!

Step Three- BOOK and SHARE

Book your shows in the lounge, and share your results on our LaCocoDots Facebook Page!! Share what worked for you, and how you are treating yourself! (Manicure, jewels, time with your kids, etc.) Of course, the best treat of ALL will be the bOOst in your trunk show calendar!! I will send an extra TREAT to anyone who documents their two hour challenge and posts on our team page! See S&D University-> Booking -> 2 Hour Booking Challenge for instructions on how to do this! GOOD LUCK!!!