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Student Porfolios


Best for: Process Portfolio

Artifact Samples: Commutative Property, Leaf ChatterPix, Labeled Worm

Blog Sample: Mrs. S 4th


  • Free!
  • iOS/Android/Web
  • 10 active classes
  • Very easy to use - even in K
  • Can add a variety of items
  • Class blog tool allows selected items to be public
  • Teacher approval required for all items submitted
  • Ability for students to record an explanation for an uploaded item or annotate over it
  • Individual or class portfolios
  • Protected environment, can share individual items publicly
  • Parent access provided to individual portfolio (translation feature!)
  • Students can log in with QR code or Google account or email address.


  • No public view of complete individual portfolio, except through parent login
  • Free version does not allow journals to follow students from year to year

More Info and How-to:

Google Sites

Best for: Product Portfolio

Classic Sites Samples: 2nd Grade, 4th Grade, Elementary

New Sites Sample: 2nd Grade Class, Student Teacher Portfolio, Sample Student


  • Works with existing Google account or GAFE account
  • Integrates other Google artifacts seamlessly (Docs, YouTube, etc.)
  • Authentic presentation of portfolio as a website
  • Can follow student beyond K-12 classroom


  • Requires individual student Google accounts
  • Overwhelming for younger students

Other easy website tool:



Best for: Product or Process Portfolio

Sample Portfolio: Ryan's Portfolio 5th Grade (disclaimer: this portfolio is housed in OneNote, a Microsoft tool. Evernote is a lot like OneNote!) My Portfolio

  • Free (most features)
  • Not platform-specific
  • Lots of other tools/extensions integrate (web clipper, skitch, etc.)
  • Keeps you organized as well!
  • Can move things between notebooks
  • Can tag things for easy access
  • Public link for sharing
  • Upload a variety of file types and insert links to online artifacts


  • Requires individual student accounts
  • Learning curve for Evernote can be steep (overwhelming amount of features!)

More Info and How-to:


Best for: Product Portfolio

Sample Portfolio: Sherry's Portfolio


  • Basic is free!
  • Easy to use
  • Dynamic
  • Generates a permanent link
  • Use any image as the background
  • Ability to link to anything digital
  • Many digital artifacts play within ThingLink
  • iOS/Android/Web


  • Limited features in free version
  • Limited icon availability


Best for: Product or Process Portfolio

Sample: 2nd Grade


  • Ability to upload or post a variety of media
  • Voice over feature allows students to talk about their work
  • No student login
  • Public link to blog viewable online


  • Posting only on iPad (at this time)
  • No student login

Other Blog tools:


Sample Portfolio: Mrs. Schneider's Second Grade Class


  • Teacher oversight of all student blogs
  • Single dashboard for all blogs
  • Teacher moderation of blog posts
  • Levels of security for different audiences
  • Beautiful layout


  • $44/Teacher/Year

Other (non-traditional) Options:

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