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The most delicious sushi in the world


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Shrimp Tempura

Four pieces of delicious Shrimp, fried with a breaded coating, perfect for an appetizer. Goes well with Udon soup.
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Beef Teriyaki

Seared tender beef lathered and glazed with Teriyaki sauce served with rice and vegtables.
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Seafood Udon

Noodle soup with shrimp, scallops, calamari, fish and vegtables. Perfect with shrimp tempura
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Crazy Maki

A delicious sushi with shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, roe, and eel sauce and drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce.
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Caterpillar Maki

An arsty eel, cucumber, and roe sushi topped with avocado and coated with soy sauce.
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Lobster Maki

Freshly caught Maine lobster served with tasty cucumber, avocado and mayo with optional wasabi and ginger on the side
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Alligator Maki

A delicious Shrimp tempura & cucumber roll with crabstick, eel, roe, avocado inside and scallion on top.
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Delicious freshly caught salmon with sushi rice and soy sauce. Perfect way to cap off a meal.