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Final Issue for 2016-17: June 2017

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Grade 5: Katie Graff

Grade 5: Ryan Horn

Grade 6: Nick Moran

Grade 6: Gianna Zanoni

Grade 6: Sophia Lutzker

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Gym news

By Matthew Lutzker and William Kearns

Field day was on May 26 and it was Green vs Gray.

These were the teams:

  • Green Team - three Lutz (Brown), three Love, four Winters, four Traino, five Zimmer, five Hendershot, six Dolci and half of six DeBrizzi and Gaspari

  • Gray Team - three Konopada, three McGillen, three Stinson, four Tellefson, four Brophy, five Miele, five Myers, six Shapiro, six D’Amico and half of six DeBrizzi and Gaspari

The activities included Capture the Football, Tug of War, Kickball, Soccer, Steal the Bacon, GaGa, Tee Ball and multiple Water Games.

Overall, it was an exciting day loaded with fun for everyone at MTES.

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Ryan Horn, Cool Current Events!

Microsoft has really done it this time. As more and more computer programmers are needed today, kids who are blind or can’t see well are not included in coding, but are needed. So Microsoft decided to change that by creating Project Torino, a way of coding that lets visually impaired children learn to code. Using physical pods and connectors, the system converts what a child is doing with the pods to code. Brilliant. You can probably see how this will change the world.

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Fun Websites

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Places to Visit

By: Nicholas Moran

Are you stuck? Bored? Nothing to do? No place to go? The world has so much to offer. Go out and explore. Test your wild side and swim with sharks, or relax on Maui with a cold lemonade. Why be bored when there is so much to do, so many places to visit, and so much to see and learn? Today, let's take a dive under the atmosphere and learn about new and exciting places on Earth.

First, there is London, UK. London is on my list because, not only of the people, but because of the style. London is a opulent city full of nooks and crannies. Take the London Tower. You can climb the tower on a tour, or observe it from the outside. You can ride a double decker red bud around the city, or even see the changing of the guard at Kensington Palace! You see, there is so much to do here.

What is that giant sculpture tower? It’s the Eiffel Tower, of course! Or, in French, it is tour Eiffel (two hay-fell). Paris is on the list because of it’s elegance and beauty. It has a sense of beauty like no other city. The Eiffel Tower stands above the city as a symbol of grace, elegance, and luxury. The tower was built for the 1889 Paris Exposition, which means that the tower was not intended to be permanent. They then planned to tear it down in 1909, but then decided to use it as a radio antenna, which saved the structure. This building is so popular, too. In 2011, it received nearly seven million visitors! Oddly, the temperature can change the height of the tower by 6 inches in the heat! Always be sure to keep a tight grip on the rail, though. Also, Paris is home to the world's longest bicycle race, The Tour De France, which spans well over 1,500 miles and takes about three weeks or more to complete. Paris, as you can see is pretty darn awesome.

You can also visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This reef extends over one thousand and eight hundred miles,it is also home to more than 1,500 species of fish, along with 900 coral reefs, and 600 islands. The Great Barrier Reef is voted the best place to visit in the world on USNEWS. In addition, this reef is also best to visit in March through June. The Great Barrier Reef is truly amazing.

Have you planned your vacation yet? Have you planned out where you are now going to visit? Check out plenty of websites, including the prettiest places in the world, and find a new vacationing area. Where will you go next?

Sophia Lutzker

When most people think of places to visit, they think of vacationing to faraway, tropical areas like Hawaii or the Bahamas. But really, there are a ton of fantastic and fun places to visit right here in our own state, New Jersey!

One hotspot in New Jersey that is often visited is the Jersey Shore. It is the coastal region of the state of New Jersey. The Jersey Shore area includes Middlesex, Monmouth, Atlantic County, Cape May, and Ocean counties. Famous for its many boardwalks with arcades, water parks, and amusement parks boasting hundreds of rides and attractions, the Jersey Shore is a popular vacation spot for many New Jerseyans, New Yorkers, and Pennsylvanians, and various other states in the Northeastern United States. Some activities to do here include surfing, hanging out on the beach, nightlife, and the many restaurants and hotels on the boardwalk.

Another popular place to visit in New Jersey is Six Flags Great Adventure! This gigantic amusement park is located in Jackson, NJ. People from all over come to ride the outrageously awesome roller coasters, get splashed in the huge water park, and just have fun at the arcades! One roller coaster at Six Flags, called Kingda Ka, stands at 456 feet tall, making it the tallest coaster in the world. Furthermore, it is the second fastest roller coaster in the world! At 510 acres, the New Jersey park also holds the title of being the largest amusement park in the world! There are a ton of fun things to do at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.

To conclude, there are a lot of fun and cool places to visit in New Jersey that you may not have known about! So the next time you are thinking of a place to go visit, maybe look around New Jersey!
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By Will and Matthew

Penn state per year in state - $36,388

Yale per year - $48,050

Sarah Lawrence University per year - $80,000

Ohio per year - $25,539

Harvard per year - $63,025

Rutgers per year - $30,654

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5 Fun Facts About Summer

By Natalya Boyd

#1 The Eiffel tower grows 6 inches in the summer because it is made out of iron and metal expands in heat

#2 Ice cream is sold the most in July. In July America celebrates National Ice Cream Month, citizens eat about 5.5 gallons per year

#3 Frisbees were invented by accident. This toy was creased in the 1870s as a pie plate. Students started throwing them around in the 1940s it was used for entertainment.

#4 The first day of summer is called the summer solstice, the term of solstice is Latin for sun stand still

#5 Last but not least watermelon is a vegetable

Fun Facts

Sophia Lutzker


  1. The average person spends 6 months of their lifetime waiting for a red light to turn green

  2. The largest recorded snowflake was in Keogh, MT during year 1887, and was 15 inches wide.

  3. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television

  4. There are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people on the planet

  5. A single cloud can weigh more than 1 million pounds

  6. Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women

  7. New York drifts about 1 inch farther from London each year

  8. Earth has traveled more than 5,000 miles in the past 5 minutes

  9. It would take a sloth 1 month to travel 1 mile

  10. 10% of the world’s population is left handed

  11. A broken clock is correct two times each day

  12. 95% of people text things they could never say in person

  13. Avocados are poisonous to birds

  14. Cherophobia is the fear of fun

  15. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open

By Alana Bartolini

1. Croissants aren't from France.

Though their name is French for "crescent," these flaky pastries actually hail from Vienna, Austria.

2. There are over 100,000 ways to tie a tie.

According to mathematicians in Sweden, there are 177,147 possible ways to tie a tie. We doubt they're all attractive, and we're also wondering who funded this research.

3. The signature line is not a line.

The signature line is actually the word "signature" in tiny print, repeated over and over again.

4. Chocolate milk was once sold as medicine.

I mean, chocolate milk does make everything better. It was originally invented by an Irish physician and sold in the U.K. for medicinal purposes.

5. Buttermilk contains no butter.

Buttermilk is actually the liquid left over after butter is churned.

6. The chainsaw has a surprising origin.

It actually began life as a surgical instrument, and was used in symphysiotomy, which is a procedure that widens the pelvis to assist in childbirth. Ouch.

7. Tic Tacs are full of sugar.

They say "sugar free," but are actually 98% sugar. How do they get away with that? Well, to be "sugar free," a food must have less than 0.5 grams of sugar (the percent of sugar isn't taken into account). A Tic Tac is 0.49 grams.

8. There are many different kinds of bees.

There are 20,000 species of bees, but only seven of those are recognized as honey bees.

9. Hydrox was the first “Oreo”

Everyone thinks these are the quintessential Oreo rip-off, but it's actually the other way around...which is unfortunate for Hydrox. Although you have to admit, "Hydrox" is an unappetizing name for a cookie.

10. No one knows who invented fire hydrants.

It's because the office where the patents were being held burned down. Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.

11. Lighters came before matches.

The first modern lighter was created by German chemist Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner in 1823. Matches were invented three years later by John Walker in England.

12. You can fold paper more than seven times.

At 0.1 millimeters thick, a sheet of paper can be folded more than seven times, but there is a finite number of folds you can make.

13. Hypothetically, you could reach the moon with paper.

If you folded 0.1 millimeter-thick paper 42 times, the resulting paper would theoretically be thick enough to reach the moon. You can't actually do that, though, so don't try.

14. You can also span the universe with paper.

Taking this even further, if you folded the paper 103 times, it would span the known universe. How? Because with each fold, the thickness of the paper doubles, and after doubling 103 times, it would get very, very large.

15. Watermelons are technically berries.

Bananas, pumpkins, and avocados fall into the same category. That's because the scientific definition of a berry is: "a fleshy fruit produced by a single ovary." So there's that.

16. Strawberries aren't berries.

Their official status is "accessory fruit," which gets us into more weird conversations about fruit ovaries.

17. Peanuts aren't nuts.

They're legumes, like peas and beans.

18. Pineapples get sweeter with salt.

It seems counterintuitive, but it works.

19. Trailers used to come after the movie.

That's why they're called "trailers." But theaters started playing them in the beginning because most people wouldn't stick around to watch them after the movie ended.

20. Finally, "bunny" isn't a term for a baby rabbit.

A baby rabbit is technically called a "kitten." "Bunny" is just cutesy talk for a rabbit of any age. So there, your entire life is a lie.

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Teacher Interview with Mrs. Perro By: Katie Graff

Q: Do you have any kids?

A: Yes I have two boys Brody 3 years old and Caden 1 and 1/2 .

Q:What do you enjoy about being a teacher?

A: I enjoy seeing the students grow academically and socially. Seeing the students smile and their love for learning makes being a teacher so rewarding and enjoyable.

Q:What is one thing you are excited about for teaching third grade next year?

A: I am excited about starting a new adventure at MTES! I will get to see the students I have had in past years more often. Trying a new grade is going to be exciting and I am looking forward to the experience.

Q:What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at school?

A: My favorite thing to do when I am not at school is being with my family. I love having the time to spend with them just hanging around the house or taking trips to explore new things.

Q:Where did you go to college?

A: I went to Rider University.

Q:What is your full name?

A: My full name is Mrs. Kristine Ann Perro.

Q:If you could go anywhere in the world for vacation where would you go and why?

A: I would go back to Hawaii!! It is absolutely gorgeous there.
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Lizzy Giordano

Gabby McKeon

M arvelous

T errific

S pectacular

D aunting

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NBA Finals (Sports)

By Natalya Boyd

For the NBA finals we have the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. They play 7 games and who ever wins the most of them is the champion. It was the same two teams last year, and sadly for the Golden State Warriors fans the Cavaliers won. The first game is held on Thursday June 1, then Saturday June 4, then Wednesday June 7, then Friday June 9, then Monday June 12, then Thursday June 15, finally Saturday June 18 and then it is over and there will be a champion. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are the best players on the Golden State Warriors and Lebron James and Kyrie Irving are the best on the Cavaliers. Anyway, that was information about the NBA finals. I hope you could see the game!
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Apple Information

Apple WWDC 2017

By: Nicholas Moran

Technology. The word that describes our generation. Technology surrounds us in many different ways, forms, and uses. There are many different brands, too. Such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. Apple is the leading manufacturer in the technology smartphone industry. They also make the highest rated and most frequently purchased Apple Watch. Every year, Apple holds their WWDC. This event talks about their upcoming technology and upgrades. The WWDC has a lot to say. Apple has announced their new IOS 11. This new IOS will upgrade their Siri voice, which will sound more human like and more fluent. You can look up the new Siri voice today, and enjoy the new sound of the famous voice assistant, Siri! You can also send money to friends or family if you owe them anything! Easy as apple pie! In addition, you can also multitask on the Ipad. While taking a photo, you can send a message, which means that you do not have to take the photo and then go back to the message screen. Nifty, neat-o, and wow! In addition, you can make your live photos even cooler! You can make them loop, or play again, again, and again. Or, it you want to make things even better, you can “Bounce” the photo. This means that the live photo will play forwards, then immediately start playing backwards. Lastly, you can do a Long Exposure, which is where you can collect the time and movement. For example, a waterfall becomes a blur, and stars become blurs of light. You can also change lighting on your camera while taking a photo, too! There is plenty more on the upcoming IOS 11, but to conserve time, let's move on. To learn more, visit the Apple website.