Heather Hildebrand


How do they celebrate?

What would they wear to the celebration?

What are some examples of celebrations?

What do they use to celebrate?

What holidays do they celebrate?

What do they do to celebrate?

What do they eat at your celebration?

What games do they play at their celebrations?

Art, Music, Dance

What do they do for art materials?

What type of music do they sing?

What kind of dancing or dances do they do?

What are some examples of famous art pieces from that culture?

What kind of instruments do they use?

What music do they dance to?

What kind of art do they do?

Who are your famous artists, musicians, and dancers?


What kind of language do they speak?

What is the name of the language?

What are some examples of that language? English translation.

How many official languages are there in the country?

Can they speak multiple languages?

Is written language different from the spoken language?

What kind of alphabet do they use?

How is their language different from American English?


What do they eat?

How do they cook their food?

Compare and contrast their food with American food.

What is the food made of? Spices? Ingredients?

How is their food served? Hot or cold? Special plates?

What famous dishes do they make?

What do they eat for each meal? What are the different meal times?

Famous People

What famous/infamous person was important to this country and how? Why?

Are there representations of their famous people?

When did the famous person/people live?

How do people feel about the famous person?

How did they change history?


What do they believe in?

What religions do they have?

Do they have religion?

Where do they go for their religion?

Are there religious ceremonies?

Are there religious holidays?

What kind of religious symbols do they have?

Are there religious leaders?

Are there religious customs?


Include a map and flag

What does the flag stand for? What symbolic meanings does it have?

What is the weather like?

What is the time zone?

What are the summers and winters like?

What landforms do they have?

Do they have national symbols?

Other Interesting Information

Endangered animals?

Was this country historically connected to any other country?
How is childhood different from American childhood?

How is school different?

What is architecture like?

What is their fashion like?


You must have at least 5 sources!

1 source MUST be a book!