Elementary Ed Tech Update

December 2019

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What do you get if you cross a Christmas tree with an iPad?
A pineapple!

It's hard to believe, but the 2nd decade of the 21st century is coming to a close! We're grateful for all of your hard work, educating our 21st-century learners! As always, we hope you'll take the time to read about what's going on regarding Ed Tech in Pearland ISD! Please let your ETS know if we can assist you with your Technology Integration!

The Hour of Code is Coming

The Hour of Code is coming December 9-13, 2019! A separate newsletter will be sent focusing on the Hour of Code, but it's worth marking your calendars NOW!

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify "coding," and show that anyone --at any age-- can learn the basics. It is a global movement that has reached more than 100 million students, including many in Pearland ISD. Students of all ages love the challenge!

Computer science develops students’ critical thinking and computational skills, and shows them how to create, and not just use, new technologies. This fundamental knowledge is needed to prepare students for life after school in the 21st century, regardless of their ultimate field of study or occupation.

Look for our Hour of Code newsletter, coming very soon!

EdTech Spotlight

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Partnering to Promote Cyber Safety

This October, volunteers from JP Morgan Chase partnered with the elementary Educational Technology Specialists at Pearland ISD to promote cyber safety with students. Chase bank provided educational resources and volunteers to present to 4th grade students at Massey Ranch elementary. The lesson on guarding your privacy online featured a video with Garfield and Friends. The lesson focused on what to post, what to keep private and some possible negative consequences that happen if you aren’t careful. Students received comic books with a recap of the lesson and lots of fun activities and got a chance to ask members of Chase’s Cyber Security team questions about what it’s like working in cybersecurity.

Windows 10 Tips

Split Your Screen

Sometimes you just need a little more workspace. In Windows 10, it's super easy to get that, allowing you to split your screen into as many as 4 windows (hence the name). Try pressing the Windows key and the Left, Right, Up, or Down arrows on your keyboard. My personal favorites are simply the Left/Right split, but you may find other combinations equally useful! Try them out, and let us know how it helps you!

Bonus tip: Did you know that you can show something on your projector, while you continue to work on your main monitor? Just use Windows + P and choose the Extend mode, then drag the window you want projected off the right edge of your screen (you'll see it on the projector). When you're done, use Duplicate mode to get back to normal.

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APPealing Tech Lessons


WriteReader is an easy to use online book tool. With icons on the buttons, students don't need to know how to read to navigate the website. Audio recording and a space for teacher text also make it friendly to kids in the non-reading, pre-writing stage. Students can choose from 3 different types of pages, based on what level they are. Also, WriteReader's easy sharing function makes it a hit with parents! You can either download the student's book or create a link to instantly share the book with parents. The sky's the limit with the amount of books you can create, and students will love reading each other's work. Here's an example of a Pre-K student's book.

Cyber Savvy Tips

Topic of the Month: Media Balance

Here are some ways you can balance social media with real life.

  1. Limit your usage. There is really no good reason to be checking social media sites more than once or twice a day.
  2. Remember the value of real-life interactions.
  3. Treat people like people.
  4. Find new hobbies.
  5. Take extended breaks.
Media Balance Is Important

Things We Found "Pinteresting"

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