5 Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

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“Social Media Marketing” one of the most popular terms and medium that has helped various small and big businesses in showcasing their product in front of 3.48 Billion users. In today’s high-tech world everyone is aware of the size of social media.

Users are shifting from desktop browsing to mobile browsing and because of that, there is an immense increase in the active mobile social media users. From the bar chart, you can analyze the global digital population as of October 2019.

Every year social media users are increasing i.e. in the year 2018 there was a total of 3.196 billion social media users. Later in the year 2019, there was a growth of 9% making it a total of 3.48 Billion active social media users.

People use social media because of the funny and informative content that are shared on these platforms. Through social media, users find it easy to stay connected with their friends and family. And that is the reason why every year there is growth in active social media users.

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