Tayla Rodriguez

Tayla Rodriguez is a 2019 Basha graduate. She was a member of the Kismet Dance Company (KDC). Coach Rodriguez is now back at Basha coaching Pom!

"Basha dance is a huge part of why I started choreographing and teaching so it means a lot that I can come back and carry that passion to other students. Basha is a great school with an amazing staff, so I'm looking forward to being apart of it" - Tayla Rodriguez

Nico Daal

Nico Daal is a 2017 Basha graduate. He played on our Varsity Basketball team during his time at Basha. He was a significant contributor to the 2017 State Championship team his senior year. Coach Daal is now back at Basha as the Head Freshman Boys Basketball Coach.

"I’m happy to be back at Basha as I can help develop our student athletes help the program compete for a state title!" - Nico Daal

Justine Spann

Justine Spann is a 2016 Basha graduate. She played on our Varsity Volleyball team all 4 years and during that time, became one of the most decorated volleyball players to come out of Basha. Ms. Spann was also a 4 time Varsity Track & Field athlete. She then went on to play at the University of Colorado. She is now back as our Varsity Head Coach of the volleyball team and Administrative Clerk.

"I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be back to the place that gave me every opportunity I could have imagined. I am excited to mentor, coach and inspire the students of Basha just as so many teachers and coached did when I was a student" - Justine Spann

Klay Stall

Klay Stall is a 2016 Basha graduate. He played on our Varsity Basketball all 4 years during his time as a bear. After, he went on to play Basketball at Utah State University. Mr. Stall is now back as our Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach and on-site substitute teacher.

"I'm so happy to be back at Basha because I essentially grew up here. Being able to pay it forward for the next generation of students and athletes is awesome" - Klay Stall

Megan Proulx

Megan Proulx is a 2015 Basha graduate. She was an active member of the marching band and winter guard for three of her four years as a student. She returned to Basha in 2019 and is teaching Honors English 10 and AP Literature.

"The opportunity to come back to Basha to be part of the staff that made me want to become a teacher has been such an honor. After attending Basha for all four years of high school and student teaching here before being hired onto the staff, I consider myself to be a life-long Basha Bear!" - Megan Proulx

Amanda Foster

Amanda Foster is a 2014 Basha graduate. She cheered for the Basha all 4 years and during that time she was a member of the 2012 & 2013 back-to-back State Championship squad! She was also an active member of Basha Student Government during her time as a student. Ms. Foster is back as our Multimedia and Film teacher!

"I’m so happy to be back because Basha is truly a family. So many great influences who heavily impacted my career are still here, so it’s great to have everything come full circle so they can see first-hand the impression they have made on former students, and it gives me hope that I can do the same with my current students" - Amanda Foster

Rick Chiang

Rick Chiang is a 2014 Basha graduate. He was a member of the Cross Country team as well as the orchestra and NHS. Mr. Chiang is now back at Basha teaching Biology and Investigative Science. Along with that, he is also the head of ACE club on campus.

"I'm happy to be back around some of my old teachers and being part of the Basha family!"

- Rick Chiang

Taya Benton

Taya Benton is a 2010 Basha graduate. She was a member of the Varsity Cheer team for all four years. While cheering, she was a part of the team to win the first school state championship! Coach Benton is now back as our Varsity Cheer Head Coach.

"Once a bear, always a bear! I’m grateful to be able to share my love/passion and see that emulated through the athletes I coach!" - Taya Benton

Alyssa Kraft

Alyssa Kraft is a 2008 Basha graduate. She was a member of the Varsity Girls Basketball team and the Varsity Badminton team! Mrs. Kraft is now back at Basha teaching AMS Pre-Algebra and AMS Algebra 1.

"I am happy to be back to a place that has always been welcoming. There were many teachers I had here who were very influential on my life and helped me reach my goals. I would love to be able to give that back to students and help them achieve goals they have in mind"

- Alyssa Kraft

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