Jamming For A Cause

every month new music, for a new cause

Some of you may be familiar with our initiative, Jamming for a cause is performers, local music industries and fans working together to create positive change. Our mission in general is to support the the community for a better future. And this time this event we are adopting one of the main and most important community service projects which is providing food security to all. No one deserves to sleep hungry.

For A Better Future

Friday, April 25th, 6:30pm

Mohtaraf Al-Rimal Lweibdeh Amman

6:30-7:00 event introduction and a brief on food security facts in Jordan

7:00-7:30 local band number 1 playing acoustics

7:30-8:00 local band number 2 playing rock and oldies

8:30-9:00 local band number 3 playing blues and some of our favorite songs

9:00-9:30 giving out the event profits for a food charity organization