Trailblazer Times

May 4-8, 2015


May 4-8 Summative Conferences

May 4: B Hallway Pot Luck Lunch!

May 4 Faculty Meeting @ 3:15pm in the DCE Library

May 4: Spanish Love and Logie 6:00-7:30pm in DCE Library

May 5: Coppell Education Foundation Dinner (wish Kathy Good Luck!)

May 7: 4th Grade Field Trip to Austin

May 7: Kindergarten Round Up 5:00-6:30pm

May 8: DCE Spring Social 5:30-8:30pm

May 11: Vertical Team Meeting (if needed...I'll let you know :)

May 12: STAAR Reading Retest in C Hallway

May 13: Math Coaches at DCE all Day....drop by during your conference time for a few minutes

May 13: CISD at the Ballpark

May 14: 2nd Grade Field Trip to the Nature Park

May 14: 1st Grade Music Program 8:30am in cafeteria

May 14: 1st Grade Music Program for Parents 6:30pm in DCE Cafeteria

May 14: Team Leader Meeting 3:15pm

May 15: Last Trail Days for the year!

May 15: Visiting Author Lucas Miller (schedule to come from Tricia and Kim soon)

May 18: NO PLC Meeting as planned

May 20: Evacuation and Lock Down Drill @ 9:00am

May 21: Crozby Library to Share Summer Learning with Learners (Kim will provide details)

May 21: Creative Arts Drama Show @ 1:45pm in the DCE cafeteria

May 22: FIELD DAY!!!


May 26: Memorial Day Observance @ 8:15am Outside in the cafeteria loop

May 26: 170th Day of School: Dress in 70's Clothes!

May 28: 5th Grade Talent Show for PreK-2nd Grade 8:00am in cafeteria

May 29: 5th Grade Talent Show for 3rd-4th Grade and Parents 8:00am in cafeteria

June 1: 5th Grade Walking to the Aquatic Center

June 4: 5th Grade Graduation 8:00am to 10:30?am in the cafeteria and gym


June 5: Last Spirit Rally 8:00am

June 5: Specials Schedule for last day will come from Tricia

June 5: 5th Grade Walk Out 12:45 (please be in the hallway ready by 12:40pm)

June 5: Early Release @ 12:50pm

June 5: DCE Staff Lunch in Library @ 1:00pm


1. Please be on time for your summative! If you do NOT have a date/time scheduled for your summative, please contact Tricia or myself on Monday.

2. PLEASE be in the library ready for our Faculty meeting as close to 3:15 as possible. We have a lot of end of the year information to cover.

3. If you are unable to support DCE at the Spring Social Friday, May 8th, please come talk to Shannon. Everyone needs to make an appearance for at least one hour. There will be food trucks! :)

4. I know I am missing some grade level events that are on the big calendar and haven't made it to my Outlook calendar. If you do NOT see your event listed next week....come see me!


May 4: Cole Larned

May 16: Alison Wilkinson

May 21: Claudia Gutierrez

May 26: Debbie Eckley


June 7: Eleanor Black

June 23: Lisa Rowe

June 25: Brad Cook

June 26: Irene Tomlinson

June 30: Jennifer Taylor


July 7: Liz Mendoza

July 13: Vonda McFarling

July 27: Claire Jeffers

July 31: Michelle Solomon


FIRST....There are soooo many celebrations from last week, please forgive if I don't remember all of them!

CELEBRATE...Lisa E, Kim, Kendra, and Tricia for the planning and excellent kick off to our first DCE Reads One Book!

CELEBRATE...Kendra for getting all the little papers and hamster balls and baskets ready!

CELEBRATE....Cole and Claudia for always being so wiling to do "crazy stuff" at the drop of a hat!

CELEBRATE....Kim for creating the link to view all of the Humphrey chapters!!

CELEBRATE...Brad for fixing our "issue" when the videos played! :)

CELEBRATE...EVERYONE for getting excited about DCE Reads One Book and jumping right in!

CELEBRATE...Margareta for donning the HOT Humphrey head and making sure that Humphrey sightings are happening! The kids love Humphrey!

CELEBRATE...Angela for being a GEM educator!! We are so glad you made it to the awards ceremony in time!

CELEBRATE...Barbara and Judy for the Love and Logic Parent training they are providing in Spanish!

CELEBRATE...Aracely, Lindsey M, Jennifer, and Gwynne for planning a very fun exciting learning field trip!

CELEBRATE...Martha for designing the outstanding professional learning on how to support our GT learners! Martha we appreciate so much all the support you provide to everyone with strategies and best practices to help GT learners!

CELEBRATE...Peggy and Mary for design a highly engaging field trip to Kid Kountry for our youngest Trailblazers! We so appreciate all you do to ensure your learners have LOTS of learning experiences to help our little PreK learners!

CELEBRATE...Tammy, Kelly, Jenny, and Margarita for all the work they've done to prepare for Kinder Round Up this week! We know our new Trailblazers will walk away soooo happy that they are coming to school in August!

CELEBRATE...Kendra for creating a new powerpoint to showcase a year in Kinder for Kinder Round Up!

CELEBRATE...EVERYONE for getting all of their Flex Hours clocked by April 30th!

CELEBRATE...Cole for another GREAT ACES Day!!

CELEBRATE...Cole for stepping in and helping with announcements on Friday!! Humphrey needed a friend!

CELEBRATE...another OUTSTANDING Parent Learning Walk!!! They were ALL soooo very impressed with the learning that was taking place at DCE! Some of the words from the parents: "I had no idea all of this happens at DCE!...I'm so glad my children are at DCE!!!....The children are so polite!....How do the teachers keep them learning the whole time?....I need to come back!....You mean there is a second story??!!"

CELEBRATE....Judy for making sure our Student Council was ready to help with the parent tours!! Our learners did a GREAT job of answering questions and showing off their school!!

CELEBRATE...Claire, Michelle, Lindsey S, Dani, and Sarah for planning such a tightly connected learning experience to their curriculum! The Plant Feast was a BIG hit and a great way to close your Life Science Unit!

CELEBRATE...Jeannie for being such an amazing nurse who takes care of the kids and staff!

CELEBRATE...EVERYONE for still pushing yourself even though I know you are running on fumes and are counting the days! You make DCE the best learning environment for our kiddos!!