OCPL Weekly Update

May 7, 2015


Preparation for Staff Day

Please let Julie W. know if you have any food restrictions for staff day (vegetarian, allergies, etc.)--please email her @ juliew@oldhampl.org.

Also, make sure that you let your supervisor know if there is some reason you cannot be at Staff In-Service Day ASAP! Then, supervisors, let Julie W. know for food count and organizing group sessions who is attending from your branch/department.

Lastly, please plan to bring a plain t-shirt (any color). We will be making superhero capes for our summer reading program this year!! And some people have asked about size--bring one that fits you--the cape is for you to wear :)

(if you can't open this link, click at the top of the email to view this newsletter in browser- then click & follow link!)

Teens & Main Circ

Next week for Teens:

Teen Book & a Movie Club on Monday @ 5:30 p.m.--Vampire Academy

Summer reading presentations at the schools have begun, as have online registrations for the teen program only. The link is live on the the teen page. More information on this at Staff Day.

See above note about staff day numbers for food count :) Thanks


Outreach & Adult Programming

Still gearing up for SRP! I've been working on all the print promotion & master calendar. Also been busy this week with lots of outreach events. I'll be at the Oldham County Showcase this Friday from 4-8pm showing off Library resources. Say hi if you're there!
Lab has open hours now. We're still looking to fill Saturday hours if anyone is interested.
We've gotten lots of record donations, and we're looking into ways to display this collection.

Technical Services

Came back from vacation to find towering stacks of new materials to be cataloged, and some vexing aberrant computer behavior.

I am trying to figure out why some patrons are showing up in the Requests queue multiple times for the same title/s. TLC admits this is a (new?) bug, but they do not know what is causing it. If you notice an incidence of this, please let me know.

The Flipster book cover carousel is strobing on devices using the mobile app rather than presenting a calm and orderly display of magazine covers. Flipster has identified this as a coding issue. They are working with Bethany to fix it.

I am trying to figure out why the Baker & Taylor ordering software is randomly overcharging us by up to 35%. B&T admits this is a problem (duh), but they do not know what is causing it. Until they fix it, Elaine and Susan are checking every line item of every invoice, and I am reporting every instance. We will get credit for all wrong charges. Thank you to my peerless staff for graciously taking on this tedious extra work.

I had a wonderful vacation and came back feeling good about life until I discovered that Bryan Cranston was filming a movie at Don Cesar aka The Pink Palace the very same week!!! Don Cesar is a beautiful pink confection of a luxury hotel, in which I will never be able to afford even a brief stay. I was on the same beach withing walking distance for three days! I cannot believe I missed an opportunity to stalk - I mean meet - Bryan Cranston.

Vicki Niehaus

IT Services

After the last couple of weeks this one has been pretty calm.

Thanks to Vicki M for taking on TLC and getting RTI back in order, told you it wasn't us :)

But I will get your print stuff straighten out over there at south if it kills me.

Mahan is next to get there Circ's upgraded to Windows 7, I am working fast a furious on this in hopes that I am done and have the drive thru back up and running for summer reading program.

Staff computer upgrades , well, I am going to try and do those while people are on vacation, it usually only takes two days if I do all the updates. (But I do need your password to finish putting your computer back together for your first use.)

Also, after playing around in circ on some of the upgraded computers one morning Melinda using Internet Explorer and I using Mozilla, we found that what is shown on the patron record between the two browsers can be very different. For example, a child's record might not show the responsible party in Internet Explorer until you go into the detailed part of the record but not on the first screen, but Mozilla shows it all. So I think we should stick with Mozilla for now, not to mention we are used to it now.

Chrome also is not a great browser of choice for us, because if you use our email app you probably have already found out that you can not send attachments among other things. Chrome and Outlook Web App do not get along at all and have not for some time, and as far as I can see there are no plans to fix that, Google and Microsoft just do not care about the end user.

If you want the different browsers on your computers that is fine but especially for the circs, I would say please keep Mozilla as the default browser, Thanks.

Trisha (the IT Dept)



Main Library

Hello! In answer to Vicki's question below, I think we did have a full moon this week. Lots of people have been sick this week so Julie is working outside her normal hours. I've had to come in extra to do interviews for pages so it's good I'm here also. Hope everyone gets better soon. Jeanne Combs has been keeping everyone in fresh eggs from her chickens. Yum. Last night was a little tense as we had our two mentally unstable guys here at the same time. We were just keeping our fingers crossed that they didn't talk to each other.

I've been working on the monthly report. The management staff has been preparing for staff day. The results of the feedback survey will be revealed at the in-service day. Have a great weekend.


South Oldham Library

Did we have a full moon this week?

John & Laura had an encounter with a bird that flew into the library on Saturday and refused to leave the building. I made a trip over just before closing and we chased the bird all around the building with brooms until finally John “Birdman” McNulty was able to knock it down, grab the winged creature, and pitch him out the back door.

On Monday a young man came into the library asking if we would make up a log for him to sign in and out because his ex-wife was in the building at the same time he was last week and has been “telling lies on Facebook” about an encounter they never had. Apparently, they have restraining orders against one another. I learned way more than I needed to know…

On Tuesday night, Ellie found a gun shell casing in the bookdrop. A warning, perhaps?!

And now for the one normal bit of library news - I have 5 interviews set up for page candidates today and tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to report on new hires in next week’s update.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and children of mothers!


Mahan Library

We've made some major changes to the second floor this week in an effort to open up some space. In a nutshell, I decided to utilize the bottom shelves in Bio and Adult Nonfiction, which allowed us to get rid of some shelving in these areas. Thanks to Lisa and Gerri for helping me plan and execute this project, and a BIG thanks to Paul for taking the shelving apart and putting it back together. Because of these changes, we were able to move the coffee maker, add a chair to the seating area, and move the chalk table out of the main walkway. Check out the pictures below!

Other than that, I've been continuing to work on planning the Mahan SRP kickoff. The person I had lined up to do face painting had to back out, but fortunately I was able to fill the spot with someone else without too much trouble.

See you next week!

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Children's Services

On vacation!