Song S'more

Vietnam/Civil Rights Movement Songs

Fortunate Son By Creedence Clearwater

Message: That the poor go to war not the rich

Audience: Those who support the military with out "paying the costs"

Mood: Anger/Jealous, I chose this because the lyrics "Some folks are born silver spoon in hand" show jealousy somewhat

Why did artist choose to write this song? Protest military actions and elitism in western society

Imagine By John Lennon

Message: Imagine world at peace with no religion, all one country one world &one person

Audience: Military to get along and even try to make peace

Mood: Peace, to have all countries to get along and have peace

Why did artist choose to write this song? For peace

Oh Freedom! By Joan Baez

Message: Celebrating the freedom of slaves

Audience: All slaves being freed

Mood: Happiness/Joy, former slaves are happy that they are now free

Why did artist choose to write this song? Writer wrote this to show the joy of slaves being free

Think By Aretha Franklin

Message: Everyone should think about what they are going to do before they do it and decide if it is right or wrong

Audience: The person who messed up that she is willing to forgive

Mood: Forgiving, she says "You need me, I need you" so she is willing to forgive to be with them

Why did artist choose to write this song? To forgive slave holders and have peace

I choose these songs because I felt they all fit in the Vietnam/Civil Right movement era well! I also thought that these were some popular and catchy songs to have.