Capital: Maputo

Vital Statistics about Mozambique

The absolute location of Mozambique is 18 15s, 3500E. Mozambique's bordering countries are, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland,Tanzania, Zambia, and Zambabwe. The official language in Mozambique is Portuguese. The government type is Mozambique Government . Metical is the name of the money in Mozambique.


The population there is 24,096,669. The literacy rate is 47.8%. The life expectancy is the age of 54. The total area of Mozambique is 308,642 square miles or 799,380 square kilometers.

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Fun facts about Mozambique!


1: A popular dish in Mozambique is clam and peanut stew.

2: Mozambique only has one official holiday; Independence day

3: Did you know that Mozambique Island, a comparatively small island off the coast of Mozambique, is a World Heritage Site?