Christmas Team Chillout

RollaDome Invites you....

The year is coming to an end, and e hav worked really hard throughout. The work of this team, and our partners has been incredible, and made a difference to many families and young people.

Our new partnerships and growth in the teams differing discipline has meant that we have so much more to offer in 2018 to anyone in the UK wanting to RollerSkate for fun, or competitively.

So RollaDome Management team would like to invite you to an evening of chilling out with your team members, getting to know each other better, have a laugh and some good food, as our way of saying thank you, welcome to the team, thank you for your partnership..

Christmas Chill out Evening

Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 7pm

Empire Nights, 4, Granville Works, Coronation Rd, London NW10 7QE

North West London brings you Empire Nights relaxing and cozy atmosphere with natural and handmade decor each section combining the surroundings of the Persian as the sound of the stream trough the water fountain transports your mind into the world of culinary magic by enjoying the delights of Iranian cusine.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.